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3 Tips for Helping A Loved One Going Through Addiction Recovery

3 Tips for Helping A Loved One Going Through Addiction Recovery

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Watching someone go through an addiction and then struggle through addiction recovery can be very challenging. While there are feelings of happiness that this person you care about is choosing to take control of their life, going through the recovery process can be very painful, both physically and mentally. That’s why if you know someone who’s trying to recover from an addiction, it’s vital that you’re there for them in love and support. However, knowing the best ways to do this can be a challenge. So to help make this process a little easier on everyone, here are three tips for helping a loved one going through addiction recovery.

Allow Them To Make and Learn From Mistakes

The recovery process of an addiction is all about learning how to control yourself and your indulgences. And while this can be something difficult for someone without an addiction to master, having to fight against an addiction makes this challenge even harder. Knowing this, it’s not uncommon for people to make mistakes or wrong choices during addiction recovery. And although this can be heartbreaking, McCarton Ackerman, a contributor to Recovery.org, shares that you shouldn’t necessarily prevent these mistakes from happening so he or she can learn from them. It’s all about growing and progressing, and sometimes mistakes are part of that process.

Commit to Complete Support

The obstacles your loved one is going to face during addiction recovery can seem insurmountable at times. So during both the good times and bad, Addiction.com advises you to always be committed to complete support of your loved one. This could mean being there as a listening ear, helping them build new habits to avoid relapse, or even taking them to or accompanying them at their support groups or other meetings. Simply knowing that someone will always be there for them if and when they need it can be a huge blessing to someone going through addiction recovery.

Learn To Communicate Openly

Addiction can really damage some very important relationships. And as part of the recovery process, many people have to relearn how to have healthy relationships with people that they’ve previously used or abused during their addiction. As part of this area of recovery, ProjectTurnAbout.org recommends really taking the time to learn how to communicate more openly and effectively with your loved one. While this may mean going to a different or difficult place in your relationship, it could help you both move past all that’s happened between you two.

If you have a loved one who’s recovering from an addiction, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you know what you can do to help them along this journey.

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