What are preparatory schools?

What are preparatory schools?

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It could be confusing for parents to decide the school they want to send their child to. Since there are many options to choose from and there is a constant rise in the number of schools coming up in the country, parents need to thoroughly learn about what different schools have to offer and make their decision.

A preparatory school is a type of school which helps prepare the primary school age children for a private secondary school or a good state grammar school. Preparatory schools are different as compared to other schools and choosing the right school is difficult. The decision will have an impact on your child for the rest of their life and the decision should be carefully taken.

The preparatory school will help the child take the common entrance exam and get into a private independent school. Most parents choose to pay high fees in the hope of getting their child in a good independent secondary school.  Preparatory schools provide schooling for children aged 4 to 11 and then they go to secondary school. Breaside Preparatory School is a private school in Kent which is highly recommended by parents. The school has an exceptional facility and a curriculum that has made it a pioneer across Kent.

The different types of prep schools include:

  • Day schools or boarding schools
  • Single-sex or co-educational schools
  • Pre-prep (until the age of 8) or nursery schools
  • Prep schools for children with special educational needs
  • Schools with specialist provision, such as choir, science or music

Why Prep School?

Parents choose to send their children in a preparatory school for a variety of reasons. The class size is smaller and there are specialist teachers which can help your child. Further, it is believed that the facilities are very good. In case you have special requirements, you can look for them specifically. If you are looking for a sports ground, keep that in mind when you make a visit to the school. Parents tend to choose the preparatory schools based on the high test scores. They know that if their child achieves a higher score, they will get a place in a good secondary school.

How to choose?

Knowing the type of school you want to send your child in, you can make the decision for the prep school. Most children go to a prep school to ensure that they are admitted to a well-known secondary school with a higher test score. Let that not be the sole criteria for your choice. Consider the opinion of your child and decide on the prep school. Prep schools also offer all round development of the children which will help them develop their interest in the field of their choice.  Breaside Preparatory School will prepare the child through a balanced education and will ensure that they have their core concepts very clear. The school has subject specialist teachers who offer outstanding education and has consistently maintained an excellent academic record in the past.

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