Where Are You Having Christmas? The Age-Old Debate…

Where Are You Having Christmas? The Age-Old Debate…

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This is one that normally starts when you first get in a relationship, gets harder when you get married and is downright impossible when you have kids, because let’s face it, everyone wants to see the kids at Christmas!

I mean, the arguments usually come because you need to decide who you want to keep happy or, whether or not you just stick with your own little clan and enjoy Christmas together yourselves. We’ve even considered going away for Christmas because that just takes out any arguments that could possibly arise.

However, we are actually pretty lucky that both of our families live close by so over the years we’ve spent many a Christmas day driving around packing in as many visits to family members as is humanely possible. One year, pre-kids (those were the days), we had three Christmas dinners in one day. It was ridiculous. I seemed to spend most of the day rushing around and never felt relaxed. My other half on the other hand, certainly enjoyed being taxied all over!

We’re lucky that we both have close families and that we all get along. So many of my friends fall out with each other and families around Christmas because they don’t get on with certain family members or whatever and it can ruin the day, I would know, I’m normally the one that gets bombarded with texts when it kicks off!

We’ve talked about going away for Christmas, we’ve contemplated spending it on our own but for me I love being with everyone. This year we talked about going out to eat but with two kids that’s not exactly relaxing or easy. Since having the children I prefer to host Christmas myself, plus it helps that hubster helps out with the cooking too! I actually find it more relaxing as after dinner I can just sit down. I then leave it up to everyone if they want to come along and to sort it all out with my hubby. Unfortunately that normally means I end up with a lot of people and not enough food or, too much food and not enough people!

In the words of Joe Wicks, I prep like a boss the night before and get all the potatoes and vegetables ready and in pans of water on the hob. We are also lucky that I have a big double oven so we can just about squeeze in the giant turkey and all the trimmings.

I love having everyone there. It’s nice to be surrounded by family and although it may be crazy, and rather loud, it’s a lot of fun. The two terrors love it too. We get the best of both worlds as we have a few hours in the morning to ourselves with the opening of stockings and a few presents. It’s good to get that family time in first before everyone arrives.

So that’s me this year and I honestly cannot wait. I do love playing hostess (Martha Stewart eat your heart out) and adore having all our family round. It’s noisy and rowdy but we all love it and it’s always great seeing everyone and I think it just makes it all that more magical and Christmassy, kind of makes me feel like a little girl all over again!