Gifts For Family That Aren’t Junk

Gifts For Family That Aren’t Junk

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In an age where it seems like everyone has everything, how do you get meaningful gifts for your family? There are a billion options to purchase things that amount to junk, and then there are more meaningful options. So how do you find those essential gifts for your family members?

A few examples of directions that you might go would be that you could purchase wooden toys for infants, gift cards for teenagers, experiences instead of things for close family members, and potentially even just giving people distraction-free time as a gift. Meditating on each of those options might inspire you to figure out which are going to get your family members for their next presents from you.

Wooden Toys

If you’ve ever purchased plastic toys for infants and toddlers, then you recognize just how quickly they get destroyed. That’s why if you want to give a baby something useful and longer-lasting, purchasing wooden toys will be moving you in the right direction. You have to make sure that if the child is that the throwing age, you don’t get them wooden toys with sharp edges. Otherwise, as long as they’re kept in relatively good shape, you can pass wooden toys on down generations.

Gift Cards

Teenagers are notoriously hard to purchase gifts for. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to simply buy gift cards for them. Birthdays, Christmas, graduation events – anytime there’s a celebration that you need to buy a gift for a teenager, get them a gift card to one of their favorite stores and call it good. This way you know your money isn’t going to be wasted, and they can get something that they actually want instead of something that you’re just guessing for them.

Experiences Instead of Things

Another way to give meaningful gifts that aren’t junk is if you choose to buy experiences instead of things for loved ones. Take someone on a trip to a theme park. Go on a vacation. The idea is that you will appreciate the experience with them more than they would appreciate just getting some item from you that will eventually get lost in the shuffle.

Distraction-Free Time

A final significant gift these days is if you give your relatives distraction-free time. Tell them that you’re going to spend a few hours with them without being connected your mobile phone, your tablet, or your computer. No phone calls, no text messages, no nothing. You’re going to spend time with them and appreciate their presence. You’d be amazed at how much more quickly you can connect with someone when there is no electronic barrier in front of you that is continually requiring your attention somewhere else. Give them a coupon for this distraction-free time, and enjoy it when they ask you for that time later.

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