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Rolling up Your Sleeves and Fighting for Your Rights

Rolling up Your Sleeves and Fighting for Your Rights

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It’s a rather unfortunate but veridical reality that when all one wants is to get their due benefit from what is fair, just and rightfully theirs, you have to roll up your sleeves and fight for it. Certain factors do indeed come into play to account for the good fortune of some people being able to gain quick and easy access to what’s duly theirs, such as where you are born for example. However, most of us do indeed have to fight for what’s rightfully ours, sometimes very long and hard with very little guarantee that we will prevail, if there is any guarantee at all.

As you would guess this topic naturally hits very close to home, with my own situation back home coming under the spotlight whenever I think about how in some countries it’s wholly against the law to be in a same-sex relationship. I mean how might things have turned out for my partner and I if either or both of us had been born in the Middle East, for example?

Life always presents us with those little moments during which our choice between being kind and being a regular a-hole really holds a lot more power than what we may think. I mean what if someone you come into contact with is on the very brink of their tolerance for all the challenges which life continuously throws their way, in which case your choice between kindness and “douche baggery” respectively either has them sparking a turnaround or taking a drastic measure such as following-through on a suicide? While your own life goes on as usual, you may not even know just how much of an impact that decision you took made, but these things have a way of balancing themselves out, to such an extent that you may find yourself one day wondering just where on earth the “bad luck” you’re suffering comes from.

So, while you are indeed fighting for your own rights, remember that it’s in no way a matter of if you win then someone else has to lose, unless that someone else is something like the bitter lawmaker whose position of power is being abused as a result of that person’s personal beliefs which are in direct conflict with your personal rights.

That’s why legal professionals exist though – to help fight the cases of those who are otherwise at the mercy of the system, a system which can very easily border on the unjust and outright unfairness. In your pursuit of justice in this way however, the best approach is that of going specific with wherever it is you seek your service, such as hiring a Los Angeles mandamus lawyer if your issue is one which has anything to do with local immigration state laws, for example.

It’s never a nice thought to entertain, but the sooner you realise it, the better, that being that life is a constant fight for territory, with the likelihood being that you’ll have to fight hard for your rights.

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