3 Interesting Facts about Paper Bags

3 Interesting Facts about Paper Bags

We all know and use paper bags at some point in our lives. Whether we are baking baked goods with them, filling them with pick ‘n’ mix or compiling fresh fruits and vegetables into them; they are indescribably useful.

You may think that there’s not much you could possibly know about paper bags because they’re so simple but in fact even the most basic items have a complicated history to them.

  1. Paper Bags Are Renewable

Paper bags are made from trees, which are a renewable source of energy. This is opposed to plastic bags which are a manmade resource and take over a lifetime to decompose.

  1. They take roughly a month to decompose

If you were to compost your paper bags, they would take around a month to fully decompose. If you were to send your paper bag to landfill it would take much longer due to the conditions of the landfill.

Start your own compost bin in your garden to make the best of the renewable properties of paper bags.

  1. The paper bag was invented by Margaret E. Knight

Knight was an avid inventor as a child and invented many things to help protect child labourers and help make people’s lives easier from an extremely young age. Someone tried to steal the patent for the paper bag but she managed to win it back in a law suit. 

Paper bags are the perfect addition to businesses and home craft projects. They also come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Take a look at the Paper Bag Co website to browse their collection of wholesale and business bags.

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