3 Simple Ways to Stop Forgetting Your Bags for Life

3 Simple Ways to Stop Forgetting Your Bags for Life

Bags for Life are great. Instead of using an old-fashioned plastic bag just once or twice, you use the same hardier bag for years to come. Problem is, people often forget to bring a Bag for Life with them and end up using the old-fashioned kind anyway.

Here are just three easy ways to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  1. Don’t Use Just One

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with Bags for Life is just having one. After all, you don’t only use bags in one part of your life. Try having a Bag for Life (or two) around wherever you might need one. Slip a folded one into the pocket of your jacket so it’s there when you walk to the shops. Throw a few in the boot of your car to make sure they’re with you at the supermarket. Put an empty one by the door so you’ll remember to take it if you need it.

  1. Make Yourself Learn the Hard Way

Okay, so you’ve just picked up a few bits and pieces and realized you don’t have a Bag for Life with you. Your first thought is probably just to use one of the old-fashioned shopping bags, but you really shouldn’t. When you do, you’re teaching yourself that forgetting to use a sustainable bag is okay. If you can, make yourself carry those few items back without a bag. It’ll be a bit of a pain and a struggle, but you’ll be far more likely to remember your Bag for Life next time.

  1. Get Ones You Like

Finally, make sure you actually pick up a Bag for Life that you like the look of. There are a huge variety of Bags for Life available, so you don’t need to stick with the generic ones given away by supermarkets. You can either look online or shop with a few smaller retailers. Smaller businesses love to promote their brand by creating fun, vibrant designs for their Bags for Life.