3 Tips for Preparing Your Kids For A Change in Seasons

3 Tips for Preparing Your Kids For A Change in Seasons

As the seasons change throughout the year, other things for your family will have to change along with them. And while you may love what a new season brings, like the opportunity to update your look, making large changes each year can be hard on your kids. So to ensure that everything moves along smoothly even when there’s a bit of upheaval, here are three tips for preparing your kids for a change in the season and all that that brings along with it.

Managing Daylight Savings Times

As the spring and fall come around each year, many families have to turn their clocks for daylight savings time. And while some people enjoy gaining or losing an hour, this change can be very hard on our little ones. To make this a bit easier on your families, KinderCare.com suggests making these timing adjustments slowly. To do this, try pushing mealtimes and bedtimes just 15 minutes each day until they’re back on track. And if the light of night or morning will make it hard for your kids to stay asleep, consider blocking out the sun in their room so they can get more restful sleep.

Get Their Clothes Ready

When the year changes, the weather changes, too. This means that you and your kids have to be dressed appropriately for either hot or cool weather. But as your kids are growing and the seasons are changing, it can result in you having to spend a lot of time shopping for new clothes or going through old clothes to find ones that will work for your kids. To make this task easier, Helena Alkhas, a contributor to APersonalOrganizer.com, recommends taking a few days to go through the clothes with your kids. Try to find ones that will fit throughout the season and will make them feel happy and comfortable. Additionally, either get rid of or pack away clothes that they won’t wear this season so there’s more space in their rooms.

Plan For Upcoming Holidays

Although the changes in the seasons can be challenging for your kids to handle, one way you can make this easier on them is to focus on the holidays. By planning for upcoming holidays and helping your kids get excited for these fun events, you can make the changing of weather much more bearable. And if you don’t have any big holidays coming up for your family to look forward to, Alaina Sullivan, a contributor to Care.com, shares that you can even celebrate new holidays that your family hasn’t participated in before, like ones from other countries or cultures.

To help your family better adjust to the changes in seasons, use the tips mentioned above to plan and prepare.

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