3 Ways To Have Better Air Quality In Your Home

3 Ways To Have Better Air Quality In Your Home

While many parents are concerned with what their kids are eating or watching during the day, there are other aspects of their mental and physical health that often get completely overlooked. Although you may like to think that your home is the safest place for your children to be, if you don’t have good air quality in your home, this could be causing an untold amount of damage to your children. So to help you avoid this, here are three ways you can have better air quality in your home.

Strategically Use Doormats

One of the biggest ways you can keep the air in your home cleaner is by keeping your home cleaner in general. When you have dirt and dust accumulating in your home, that can negatively affect the air quality as well. To combat this, Statefarm recommends that you stop this at the source by strategically using doormats. By having doormats on either side of your doors that lead outside, you can stop and catch a lot of the dust and dirt that normally gets tracked inside when someone enters your home. Additionally, try to institute a no-shoes rule in your home as well.

Control The Humidity

Another thing that can negatively impact that air quality of your home is the amount of moisture you have within your walls. According to WebMD.com, when there’s too much humidity in your home, it can exacerbate the allergens that are already there as well as make it easier for mold and mildew to thrive. If you’ve noticed that your home gets humid at certain times, so, consider doing more to air out the rooms that are humid and reduce the humidity levels. Air conditioners can help you out regarding that. ACs are known for removing heat and humidity from living spaces while blowing cool air into it. They may require maintenance from time to time (see https://tsshomecomfort.com/eagle-residential-air-conditioning-services/ for more information) to ensure they run smoothly during the summer, an AC could improve airflow significantly.
Due to the presence of refrigerant in the system, an AC can also prevent mold and bacteria growth in your home, thus improving the indoor air quality. So, if you are interested in enhancing the quality of air inside your house, then you can go to A Quality HVAC Services LLC and similar firms who can install ACs in no time.

Bring In Natural Ventilation

While it can be helpful to use your air conditioner or ceiling fans the ventilate your home and reduce the humidity, natural ventilation will help reduce even more allergens and get some fresh air into your home. According to the EPA, you can get natural ventilation into and through your home by opening doors or windows when the air outside is fresh and clear. This can help pull out the dust and particles that you don’t want within your home and bring some freshness to your space. When the weather isn’t nice, this may be a little less convenient. But if you are able to take advantage of good weather and fresh air, you can make your home have much cleaner air.

When you aren’t opening the doors and windows because the weather isn’t ideal, you probably make use of your HVAC system to either cool or heat the home. The air in the home is circulated by the HVAC via the air vents, which also have filters to keep dust and other particles out. Regular cleaning and maintenance of these vents then become necessary to keep the air clean. Also, if you use the dryer for clothes frequently, lint might sometimes escape into the ducts via the dryer vent. Over time, this can accumulate, causing a reduction in the air quality as more dust and other particles get into the air. Although you can clean the vents yourself, consider taking the help of professionals (like this Marietta home dryer vent cleaning company) who might be able to check the dryer vents and thoroughly clean them to remove any accumulated lint or dust.

If you want to improve the quality of the air in your home and reduce allergens or particles in your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help your family breathe easier and live a healthier life.

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