4 Design Tips For Small Living Spaces With Kids

4 Design Tips For Small Living Spaces With Kids

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Living in the city is something which has its perks.  There are plenty of shops and stores to choose from no matter what you are looking for.  There is also no longer the need to commute if you work in the city since you are already there.

However, there are a few drawbacks which come with living in the city when you have kids.  From crime rates to the restricted living space.  Since there is a higher demand for apartments in the city rather than in the suburbs, you pay more per square foot.  Since having kids is expensive as it is, living in the city with kids often means having to tolerate living somewhere with kids which is smaller than ideal.  

However, this doesn’t have to hold you back from being able to live comfortably with kids in a cosmopolitan life. All it takes is knowing how to creatively make use of space in order to maximize your space.  Here are some of the best tips for living with kids in a small apartment.

Bunk Beds

If you have more than one child their toys and beds can quickly start to occupy the majority of your apartment.  However, if you get bunk beds this will take up half of the space had you otherwise gotten two twin beds.

Not only are bunk beds cheaper than two separate twin beds, but kids love the excitement of a double-decker bed.  If they tend to argue over who gets the top or bottom bunk, try to organize a schedule which they trade every few days or weeks.  This way it will be fair and eliminate arguments.

Make Use Of Shelf Space

Clear up your floor space by moving things off of the ground and up onto the walls.  Not only does it keep smaller children out of potentially dangerous messes or accidents, but it makes your house appear tidier overall.

Make sure that you install shelves which are sturdy and can hold all of the weight that you put on them.  This way you won’t have collapsing items which can potentially injure your kids or you.


In smaller spaces, messes can start to accumulate much faster than in a larger space.  This is because smaller spaces fill much faster.  In order to clear the clutter from kids sometimes the best solution is to have small baskets throughout the house.

These can be filled with everything from books to toys, to pretty any miscellaneous item that would otherwise be spread around the house.

Be Minimal

Ultimately the best way to survive in a small space with multiple people is to keep your possessions minimal.

Try to only keep the things that you need in a small living space.  Otherwise, there will be a general atmosphere of chaos and disarray.

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