4 Telltale Signs You Are Pregnant

4 Telltale Signs You Are Pregnant

We’ve all seen the stereotypical scenes in the Hollywood movies of the woman who doesn’t realize she’s pregnant vomiting into the nearest garbage can. It’s at this point that she realizes she’s pregnant, although, in the real world, nausea and vomiting are symptoms which only some women experience.

What a lot of women don’t realize is that there are many other symptoms than just this Hollywood portrayal of a late period and vomiting that will start to make you consider if you’ve got a potential bun in the oven.

Although as a general rule of thumb, people are encouraged to see a doctor for their health when they are experiencing strange symptoms rather than self-diagnosing, pregnancy is one of those conditions which is pretty easy to figure out yourself. Here are some of the most common signs to look out for.

Frequent Urination / Bloating

Noticing symptoms which start to change in your nether-regions are important. A lot of women start to urinate more than usual, and depending on your particular body type, may start to experience bloating.

The frequent urination is due to the change of hormones and body composition as your body starts to transition from not pregnant, to pregnant. And as you move later into your pregnancy, is a result of the baby pushing against your bladder. The bloating can come from everything from gas to the most obvious, which is the baby as it starts to grow.

Women who have already had a child may experience their stomachs swelling sooner than first-time mothers.

Sore Breasts

If your breasts feel tender to the touch and swollen, you may want to put down that Pinot Grigio and run to the nearest pharmacy for a pregnancy test.

Although this doesn’t always mean that you’re pregnant, it can definitely be one of the strongest indications early on. When your body starts producing more progesterone and estrogen your breasts start to feel the effects. Your bra may even start to feel uncomfortable as a result.

More Tired Than Usual

As your body starts producing more hormones, it can be exhausting for your body to keep up with. Don’t be surprised if you feel more inspired to lay down or take naps at times when you used to feel more lively.

As you move into your third trimester, you’ll feel tired pretty much all of the time, unless you’re an exception. As your body is putting almost all of its energy into creating a little human, it’s no surprise that you feel absolutely exhausted.

Change In Appetite

The old stereotypes of pregnant women craving pickles and ice cream are based on truth. Although not everyone has cravings perse, changes in appetite and eating habits are very common.

Some women experience cravings, while others experience aversions to their once favorite foods.

It’s ok to give into these changes in your diet as long as you’re getting the proper nutrition for your baby and avoiding the foods on the forbidden list which your doctor gives you.

If you are pregnant but it was unplanned and keeping the child is not the right option then you do have options so don’t panic! The first option is to have an abortion, which a lot of people find as the most humane way of dealing with the situation instead of bringing a child into the world, which will not be able to be cared for in the way they deserve. Other people find adoption too difficult so they look into using private adoption agencies to hand pick the parents they will be giving their child to and knowing that they will be going to the best home possible.

Everyone has different circumstances and reasons for how they handle their pregnancy and all are valid, whether you choose to keep your child or look into alternative options, as long as you and the child are at the forefront of your mind that is all that matters.

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