4 Ways To Repel Moths In Your Home

4 Ways To Repel Moths In Your Home

No one enjoys the clicking sounds of moths flying into walls around the house. If you have ever experienced a moth infestation, then you know and understand just how annoying the little pests can be. There are also several different kinds of moths with which to contend.

Moths can infest your food stocks. Moths can ruin priceless pieces of clothing and fabrics, and they will add to your chores if they get out of hand. Moths do not live very long, so an infestation means you will be stuck cleaning up dead moths on a daily basis. If the infestation gets out of hand, it is best to call in a professional exterminator such as the Pest Authority of Chattanooga and similar others to get your home checked.

Act now, and educate yourself on the many effective ways to guard against and rid your home of all sorts of moths. Here is a brief summary of four simple ways to repel moths in your home.

Pantry moths pose a risk to your food stocks

Pantry moths will infest your kitchen cabinets, and ruin your dry food stocks. They are the worst sort of pest, as there is no salvaging their destruction. Treat for pantry moths at the first site of trouble. Allowing time for them to breed and spread will only complicate the issue.

Wipe down your kitchen and pantry shelves, food containers, and other exposed surfaces with a rag of white vinegar. Moths find it repulsive. Storing foods in airtight containers is a great act of prevention.

Common clothing moths can ruin your best linens

If your closet falls victim to the common clothing moth, then you will have a “holy” experience the next time you dig out your winter gear. It is difficult to clear your home once you have an infestation of closet moths, but a thorough disposition can help.

Wash everything in your closet, but only after freezing it for several days to kill the larvae. You will not be able to see everything with the naked eye, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Wash everything, and store dormant outerwear in sealed containers. This will keep the moths from returning next season.

Maintaining an environment that is not conducive

The best way to guard against moths in your home is to maintain an internal environment that is not conducive to their survival. If they cannot live in your home, they will find other arrangements. Seal up all foods, and vacuum any carpeted areas of the home regularly.

Cedar and other natural moth repellants

There are a million and one natural ways to ward of the fluttering fliers. Cedar chips and cedar trunks are a great old remedy to storing blankets and clothes for long periods of time. Lavender, mint, rosemary, and thyme are all said to be great plants to repel the pests.

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