5 Extremely Cool Indoor and Outdoor Plants to Make Your Home Awesome

5 Extremely Cool Indoor and Outdoor Plants to Make Your Home Awesome

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Plants have a way of making any home look and feel better, whether they are inside the house in a pot, or swaying in the wind outside. However, we are going to discuss five super cool plants today that are in a different league of their own and could easily hog all the attention to themselves.

Birds of Paradise

The bright and colorful flowers from this tropical plant look exactly as the name suggests it would look, which means that they resemble the head and neck of the birds of paradise and at times, may even be mistaken for one from a good distance. They can live both indoors and outdoors, but the sunny, warm outdoors are preferred by the plants. Also, it’s best to put them in pots so that they can be easily shifted inside during the colder months of the year.

Bleeding Hearts

When it comes to naming plants, people were as literal as they could be apparently, because the bleeding heart too is a dead giveaway to how it looks. However, the shape isn’t that of the actual human heart (thankfully), but the metaphorical heart-shapes we have come to associate with love. Particularly native to the East Asian and Eurasian regions, it actually looks like a drop of blood is hanging from underneath the flower when the plant blooms in spring. Shade is preferred by the plant and the soil should always be well-drained.

Blue Passion Flower

There are a lot of gorgeous flowers in the world, but the blue passion flower stands out not only due to its vibrant blue-violet-yellow color combo, but also because of the way it looks. The plant has a minty smell and produces the famous passion fruit. Capable of surviving below freezing temperatures, the hardy plant stays active and produces flowers through all seasons of the year, but it’s best to keep them inside during the winter for better blooms.

Korchia Balls

Korchia balls come in pink, blue, and green, but it’s not your average shade that we are talking about here. The annual, ornamental bushes are bright and vibrant to such a degree that they are often known as the burning bush or fireweed. Put a few of these in your garden to add uniqueness and color to the yard like never before. They can grow on any soil, but sunshine is a must for Korchia balls.

Climbing Roses

You will need to put in some appropriate garden fencing to grow climbing roses, but then again, fences are pretty much a necessity to keep rodents and garden thieves out, so you should definitely have them anyway. Nothing looks quite as beautiful and picturesque as an arch of climbing roses atop a garden fence. It’s not as easy as growing the normal rose though, so do keep the following points in mind:

  • Supporting them with wire ties and stakes will be necessary
  • All pruning needs to be done only during the colder months (December – February)
  • Don’t let the canes overlap each other

If you can choose any three, let alone all five of the plants we just discussed, rest assured that you will have a garden and home to be proud of.