5 Over The Top Christmas Gift Ideas Which Will Wow Your Spouse

5 Over The Top Christmas Gift Ideas Which Will Wow Your Spouse

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When Christmas rolls around you might be inclined to buy your spouse a gift certificate or the latest item on their Amazon wishlist.  The last thing most people feeling like doing around the holidays is hassling with crowds and spending money on things that their loved ones may not even like.

However, what if you bought your spouse something that goes above and beyond?  If you’re considering buying a gift which has a major “wow” factor, then take a look at some of these ideas.

Home Renovation

Has your spouse been complaining about a window that needs to be fixed?  Do you have tiles that need to be replaced?  Making home repairs and renovations is not only an excellent gift for your spouse, but you can also reap the benefits as well.

Since a full renovation may not be possible for everyone’s budget, you may want to consider renovating just one room or area.  That way you still wow them with an incredibly thoughtful gift while still staying realistic for your bank account.

A Trip

One of the most romantic gestures that you can do for your spouse is spending time with them.  Planning a trip between just the two gives you a chance to rekindle your flame that you may not always have time for.

Between work and daily life, it can be challenging to make time for romantic getaways.  Christmas is the perfect chance to take a trip and spend some romantic one on one time as a couple.

A New Vehicle

Before you spit out your coffee, buying a new vehicle doesn’t mean that you have to buy the hottest six figured price car on the market.  You can find some great financing options for used cars which only require a small amount each month.

If your spouse has been wanting to upgrade from their current vehicle, then you may want to consider Christmas as the perfect chance to surprise them with a new set of wheels.

An Experience

Not all gifts are meant to be held in the palm of your hands.  An experience can be a great chance to do something that can’t be put into a box.

If your spouse loves theatre, you could go see a great production together.  Alternatively, you could go see someone speak at an event who they admire, or even attend a concert.

Choosing the right event for your spouse will all boil down to their individual interests.


There’s nothing that says I love you quite like something shiny and sparkly.  Consider gifting jewelry to your one and only. It’s often one of the best choices for wives in particular.