7 Bathtub Games for Kids

7 Bathtub Games for Kids

For some children (and parents), bath time is a traumatic experience accompanied by screaming and the attempts to escape. Luckily, there are ways to make this time more fun and enjoyable for both your children and yourself. Not only will your children stop screaming, but they will start looking forward to their bath time.

1.      Fishing

If your children are crazy about the sea and its hidden wonders, they’ll be delighted with a bathtub fishing game. You can fill the tub, add some aquatic toys and boats and place toys or ABC letters with magnets at the bottom. Give your little ones their fishing poles with magnets tied to the ends and let them fish! You can also place a bowl where they can put their catch. You can add other sea-inspired decorations and toys to make the atmosphere more authentic.

2.      Hair sculpting

If you have no time to prepare materials for a specific game, you can go with hair sculpting. Just place a mirror opposite your little one and start sculpting their shampooed hair into different, unusual shapes. Although this is a simple activity, it will keep your child engaged. To add an element of surprise, you can let them take a look only when you’ve finished. Just be careful not to let shampoo or foam get into their eyes because your fun time will quickly turn into a nightmare.

3.      Puppet show

A puppet show is a simple yet effective way to keep your kid completely occupied. You can get different bath time puppets or even make them yourself and then let your kid throw you a puppet show. To make things interesting, you can introduce new characters each week or try to make your children’s favourite cartoon characters. If you manage to seize an opportunity, you can take your turn and throw a bath time puppet show for your little one.

4.      Craft foam

There’s plenty of fun and educational games that you can plan using nothing but craft foam. Pick up foam sheets in different colours and cut them into different shapes. Give the foam shapes to your kid and let them stick them to the bathroom walls. You can ask them to sort out different colours and shapes, create different pictures and creatures or even make a mural. If you have time, you can even create a puzzle and then let your child assemble it. For older children, you can spice things up and give them sheets of foam and a pair of safety scissors so that they can create shapes on their own.

5.      Bath crayons

If your kid hates bathing but loves drawing, bath crayons are a perfect solution that will make bath time infinitely fun for both of you. Not only will drawing with bath crayons keep your little one engaged, but it will also help them develop their creativity and imagination. Before you know it, bath time will be their favourite time of day.

6.      Watercolour painting

Watercolour painting is another artsy way to inspire your kids to bathe. Give your children a box of watercolours and a paintbrush and let them create. You don’t have to worry about stains because high-quality modern bathtubs are easy to clean. Thus, you can let your child express their creativity on their bath canvas without stressing about staining your elegant tub.

7.      Lifeguarding

You can let your child be a lifeguard while bathing. Grab some toys and throw them in the bathtub. Your kid can then rescue the ones that have sunk. You can even give them a whistle, but keep in mind that you may go deaf by the time your child has taken their bath.

These simple yet fun activities will make bath time fun and exciting for your children who will wish to spend hours splashing and bathing in the tub.


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