A revolutionary body sculpting treatment

A revolutionary body sculpting treatment

What exactly does it mean to want a better physical appearance? After all, human bodies, from head to toe, are made up of multiple different parts. Therefore, improving one’s physical appearance could be as simple as getting a new hairstyle or a manicure, or it could be more involved, by getting a cosmetic treatment applied like the ones you can get from SculpMD – Body Sculpting, for example. Opting for these makeovers tend to make them feel more confident in their own body.

One variety of cosmetic treatments is body sculpting. Typically, a lot of body sculpting treatments will focus on either reducing the body’s fat, or toning its muscles. Emsculpt manages to do both of these things at the same time, and offers a treatment that can give you a more toned and muscular physique with minimal pain or downtime.

What is the treatment like?

This treatment works by using a paddle-like applicator, and in order for it to work the treatment needs to be performed with the patient lying down. Depending on where you choose to have the treatment done, the treatment process will take approximately 30 minutes, although if it is being performed on the biceps or triceps, these procedures are more likely to last around 20 minutes each. The applicator will then start sending HIFEM (high intensity focused electromagnetic energy) through the skin and into the muscles, which causes them to contract. The contractions will be quite powerful, to the extent that the treatment makes people feel like they are going through an intense workout during the process, despite the fact that they aren’t actually doing anything at all.

Assuming that it is your first experience of this treatment, then your practitioner will use the lowest setting on the applicator, to ensure that the ‘workout’ is not too intense. Starting at the lowest level, the practitioner will gradually increase the applicator’s intensity, whilst checking with you to be sure that you are still comfortable as the intensity ramps up. By the end of the first session of treatment, many people find that they are able to comfortably tolerate close to the maximum intensity setting. After the first session, it may be possible for you to have the applicator begin at a higher intensity during future sessions.

The contractions that the HIFEM causes in the muscles go through several phases of varying speed. The final phase of the treatment involves contractions that are relatively slow and powerful. This is done to get rid of toxins and lactic acid that your body may have released during the treatment.

The science behind it

The HIFEM from this treatment is able to cause muscles to contract because it creates an electromagnetic field, which is able to go through skin and impact both fat and muscle tissue. When impacting the muscle tissue it causes what is known as supramaximal conditions, which is what causes the contractions as the electromagnetic energy activates the body’s muscle fibres.

During a single session, the applicator will produce around 20,000 muscle contractions. To have so many contractions in a short space of time, the body needs to supply itself with a lot of energy, and it does this by breaking down fat cells. The broken down fat cells will die as a result of this process, which then allows the body to metabolise and get rid of the fat cells naturally. This is why Emsculpt is able to both tighten muscles and reduce fat.