Adding Your Personal Touch to a Rental Residence

Adding Your Personal Touch to a Rental Residence

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If you have the time and money to do up the interior of a house which you own outright, or indeed one which you’re paying off to own, you should definitely count yourself lucky because you in a sense have a blank canvass on which to paint a picture to your exact liking. Even better if you were part of the process of designing the house before it was built – a privilege which many people in this day and age will unfortunately never have the pleasure of experiencing.

Spare a thought for those who are renting their place of residence, however, whether it’s just a short-term rental or indeed if they’re essentially stuck living in a space they’ll never own for a while yet. Renters are limited in terms of what they can do with their interior spaces with varying degrees of freedom with regards to how they could go about adding their personal touch.

All’s not completely lost however because even with the tightest of restrictions imposed by your landlord, you can still do a lot to add your personal touch to your rented interior space and make it feel more like the home you’d love to come back to every day.


Some landlords are indeed so fussy about what can and cannot be done to the property they’re renting out that they don’t even allow tenants to repaint the walls. If you’re going to be staying on a longer-term lease then you probably would be allowed to repaint the interior, but this is definitely something which should be negotiated before you sign the contract.

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If it’s rather obvious that a repainting job is required then your landlord probably won’t have a problem in that case, but again, it’s definitely something which should be discussed during the process of showing your intent to rent the property.

Otherwise applying a fresh coat of paint to your own colour preference and style is definitely a great way to add your own personal touch to a rented property.


If you don’t have a personal art collection then this is the perfect opportunity to get one going. Heck even frame and display some of the art your children or nieces and nephews churn out if you have to, but otherwise, there are very few ways as effective as using your personal favourites in artwork to personalise any interior space.

Furniture Drapes

In addition to the structural features of the property, large furniture pieces are perhaps some items you’re stuck with if you’re renting a property for your place of residence. It’s usually a binary situation as well in which you either really like a piece of furniture or you really hate it, or it just may not be to your taste and style. In this case you can simply make use of furniture drapes for some surface-level cosmetic adjustments, although for the most part this will look and feel like the temporary solution it is.

Either way, it’s better than being stuck with a couch that you hate looking at each time you walk into your living room!