Alternative Species to Use For Your Timber Projects Instead of Oak

Alternative Species to Use For Your Timber Projects Instead of Oak

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Oak is a remarkably strong and durable wood, with benefits of being prized for numerous uses including furniture building, heavy or light construction, flooring and many more.

Often, there are other timbers that would be equally suitable for use in your timber project which could make the job simpler, reduce costs and provide more character and colour.

Why Iroko?

Iroko is a cost-effective timber with similarities in colour, strength and uses to European Oak. On exposure to light Iroko is a golden-brown timber that has excellent strength properties. The timber works fairly well with most tools, can be used externally and internally and takes nails and screws well.

If you are considering an alternative to Oak timber for use in your timber project then Iroko can substitute in joinery exterior and interior, cladding, furniture and decking.  To read more Click Here.


Dark Red Meranti

Although almost opposite in colour, being a reddish-brown timber Meranti and Oak have comparison’s in cost, workability and uses.

Meranti would be a perfect timber for your project as it is commonly used for decorative purposes in furniture, cabinetwork and cladding. This timber works well and can be glued, nailed and screwed. To read more Click Here.


Alternatives to Oak in Cladding:

ü    European Douglas Fir ü    European Redwood
ü    Western Red Cedar ü    Siberian Larch
ü    British Cedar ü    West African Iroko
ü    Dark Red Meranti  


Alternatives to Oak in Furniture:

ü    American Ash ü    Dark Red Meranti
ü    American Walnut ü    European Beech
ü    American Cherry ü    European Redwood
ü    American Popular/ Tulipwood ü    West African Iroko
ü    West African Idigbo ü    West African Sapele


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