An outline on the use of Invisalign

An outline on the use of Invisalign

There has long been a recognition around the need to address the more common dental problems that are still prevalent within the adult community of the UK. By addressing these issues to the fullest extent it should lead to an overall improvement in the oral health of the nation.

One of the most common, yet easily treatable, dental health issues amongst adults is that of misaligned or crooked teeth, which may seem strange considering the levels of access to modern dentistry and treatments. There are many underlying historical and personal reasons that can be used to explain this, some of which will be explored..

Many dentists have decided to adopt a proactive approach when it comes to misaligned teeth, by offering a contemporary treatment solution to their patients. This has led to them offering Invisalign Leicester, bringing a real solution to the community around them that fully addresses the issue of misaligned teeth.

Modern aligners are nothing like the braces of old

When most people think about tooth alignment devices of their youth, they normally conjure up the same image in their minds of the old metal and wire braces, some see this image as something to be horrified by and to avoid. There are still a lot of adults who may have been offered treatment in the past, normally in their teen years, who refused to engage with it due to a fear of becoming self-conscious and losing confidence.

Some may have simply grown up with the belief that they had let the chance of receiving treatment pass them by, this simply is not the case. For adults Invisalign offers them the chance to receive treatment and greatly improve their oral health.

And now for the good news

Gone are the metal and wire braces people usually think of and in their place is a modern device made from two layers of clear plastic that fits over the teeth snugly. When researchers were trying to rethink and redesign the aligner, they quickly realised that visibility was the main barrier to engaging with treatment, this led to the creation of an aligner that would be near invisible to the eyes of others while being worn.

Addressing the visibility issue with aligners, by making them harder to be spotted, was the key to gaining a greater uptake in treatment.

The Invisalign treatment process

The first step any potential patient needs to take is to undergo a consultation with a dentist or orthodontist, where the mouth, gums and teeth can be fully examined, as this will help to determine the right course of treatment for the individual patient. At this consultation, a cast may be taken of the teeth and mouth to be used to help create the patient’s aligners, normally a series of aligners are created to be used at different stages of the treatment course.

The aligners are normally worn for two weeks and then replaced with the next in the series, over time the teeth will be gently realigned to their optimum positions. The normal timescale for completing treatment is twelve to eighteen months.

A real solution for misaligned teeth

Offering Invisalign brings a real solution for misaligned teeth , seeing patients’ oral health dramatically improve. Anyone seeking any treatment of this nature is strongly advised to contact a dental health professional to gain more information and a greater understanding of the treatment process.