Are there advantages to having white fillings? Five FAQs about composite restoration answered

Are there advantages to having white fillings? Five FAQs about composite restoration answered

The vast majority of people have some kind of filling in their mouths.

As Western diets contain a high amount of sugar, fillings are the perfect way to restore the functionality of a tooth after it has been damaged by decay, leaving you to get on with your day without discomfort (while cutting down on sugar!).

But, in the past, metal-based fillings have come with their own problems; firstly, many people enjoy hot beverages like tea or coffee and, as metal is prone to doing, these fillings can warp and expand, causing cracks in the surrounding enamel. Not very desirable!

Secondly, metal fillings are far from discreet; many people are left with a functional tooth sporting a large, black restoration in the middle of it, which is far from a good look!

Luckily, if you need a filling today, there is a solution. Devised by your cosmetic dentist in Bromley, you are now able to have the functionality of a metal filling that looks as natural as the rest of your tooth – a composite filling.

But are composite fillings better long term? Your cosmetic dentist near Bromley has the answer!

Do composite fillings last longer?

In a word, yes.

With correct treatment and a good cosmetic dentist from Bromley, once fitted, your composite fillings should last up to or over 10 years.

This is due to their resilience against heat and due to the composite being hardened due to a specialist light that your dentist will use. They are, oddly, as tough as old nails!Will they warp?

One of the best things about white fillings is that they do not warp or expand due to the heat from hot drinks.

This means, they are less likely to fall out and should not cause any cracks in the surrounding tooth.

Is the fitting of them any different?

There are some minor differences in having a composite filling fitted over a metal one.

Firstly, your dentist will mix the composite resin to match the colour of your tooth, to make the filling appear more natural. Once the tooth is prepared, it may look like your dentist is shaping clay in your mouth! Wet composite looks clay-like and, in order to set it, your dentist will hold a special light to the composite for up to 90 seconds to harden it.

Can I have my metal fillings replaced with composite ones?

Most dentists are reluctant to do this as the metal fillings are not causing a threat to your health and removing them can open your tooth up to secondary issues.

If you want to improve the look of your darker fillings, enquire about having a porcelain veneer fitted over your tooth; that will most definitely improve the appearance!

Do they need any aftercare to make them last longer?

When you visit your dentist for check-ups, they may need to clean your white fillings to keep them looking natural and to remove staining.

Aside from that, just keep your teeth healthy and avoid consuming too much sugar!