Considering orthodontic work after 50?Invisalign in Harley Street may be the answer

Considering orthodontic work after 50?Invisalign in Harley Street may be the answer

There are many benefits to having orthodontic work. A straighter smile, correction of any asymmetry and the invention ofclear braces that have minimal visual appearance; there is no reason not to!

Typically, when one visualises a person with braces, the image of a child or a teenager springs to mind with the traditional metal braces fitted, after all, this group is the most common age category to undertake orthodontic work and have the highest success rate.

However, with dental advancements making commonly seen realignment issues correctable withclear braces, this opens up the possibility for adults and even people over 50 being able to undertake discreet dental realignment.

After all, life begins at 50, so why not get a straighter smile to boost your confidence?

Braces after 50

The idea of wearing braces after the age of 25 fills most people with dread.

After all, having braces fitted should be done when you are a child or adolescent, so why bother with orthodontics after you turn 25?

There are many reasons, just because you are older than the traditional age group does not mean you aren’t suffering from confidence issues due to crooked or misaligned teeth.

With so many younger people undergoing realignment procedures using clear or invisible aligners, people over the age of 50 are noticing how simple the procedure is and are now seeking out dentists to help them get that perfect smile that was once unattainable. Why wouldn’t you want a great smile to accompany you at any stage of your life?

But what are the other benefits of getting clear or invisible braces when you are over 50?

Short treatment time

When fitting traditional metal braces, the treatment time could last up to five years for severe misalignment, and up to two years for moderate to minor adjustments to teeth.

Understandably, this treatment time is off putting, particularly if you want results fast.

Clear braces can correct your smile in as little as 6 months from fitting to finish, so no time is wasted with back and forth dental visits or brace tightening. They work faster and have longer lasting results.


Although it is recommended to see a dentist at every stage of life, people who are older tend to see dental check-ups as a waste of time.

However, this can lead to other issues developing in your mouth that can lead to problems like gum recession or gum disease.

When you go to a dentist to have braces fitted, they will be able to check if you have any issues with your teeth or gums and offer you preventative treatment. There’s no point getting braces if you have gum disease.

These are just some of the benefits of having clear braces fitted when you are over 50. They will help you get the smile you deserve and will boost your confidence significantly.

Contact your dentist today about clear braces to see if you are eligible to receive them.