Contact Us

It’s so hard to think of something to say here, after all, it does what is says on the tin! This is where you can get in touch with me regarding anything you want to talk about with regards to Funkytional (or anything else if you just fancy a chat.) Parenting and design are so subjective, it’s great to get different opinions and get a real feel for what other parents out there are doing.

I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can, I get a lot of emails and messages to sift through so please bear with me! I do genuinely enjoy reading everything though, so keep them coming!

One thing I will say is, if you are looking to feature on Funkytional and contribute to the site, then I really want the email you send to stand out. Like I said, I get a lot of emails. If you look like spam, or a copy and paste job, then it’s not really going to grab my attention. The full details on what I’m looking for can be found on my contributions page.