Counseling Can Help Renew the Family Home Life

Counseling Can Help Renew the Family Home Life

Family Home Life Team is a resourceful organization that helps many single parents in creating solid and enduring family bonds. The Family Home Life Team facilitates the individual needs of various Trinity school and church members as they experience the challenges of Christian parenting and life at home. This group also hosts several workshops and events throughout the year geared towards building solid relationships, marriages and families. The entire team works in collaboration with the local church leaders and ministry leaders to ensure that individuals, couples and families are able to fully utilize God’s gifts and talents for success.

The team works together with the local ministry leaders to assist them with their quest for effective ministry work with families and individuals who have experienced the trials and tribulations of life at home. This group brings experienced professionals in professional services to assist the church leaders and teachers in their preparation work. These professional consultants bring fresh and creative ideas to the table, which enhance the ministries. These experts are available for consultation either on an individual basis or as part of a team consulting solution. They bring fresh perspectives to the table and assist the teachers and pastors by helping them in their professional goals.

The team brings seasoned and successful family counselors and therapists to provide the essential tools needed for Christian parenting and Christian homes. These individuals work with the families to strengthen the bonds between the parent and child while providing the tools needed to re-adjust to daily life after the divorce. The counselors and therapists use tools such as Family Therapy, Counseling for Effective Living and Christian Family Therapy to help the families and the parent and child work through the many struggles that result from divorce. In addition, they teach the skills needed to effectively cope with stress and to effectively deal with the issues that arise after the divorce.

The purpose of the family life team is to provide you and your family the necessary building blocks to re-establish the family life that was destroyed in the divorce. The consultants offer a variety of services to help the families rebuild the broken relationship and re-establish the broken home. They also help the families get back to work by assisting with the financial requirements of the family. These services are provided on an individual basis to the client, depending upon the circumstances of the case. Some of these services include:

Re-establishing the broken marriage. A counselor will review the issues within the marriage that led to the divorce and will help you to put the marriage back together. It takes determination and patience to rebuild a marriage that has been torn apart; however, if both spouses have a commitment to restoring the marriage to the status it was in prior to the divorce, both spouses can go forward. During counseling both spouses can share their frustrations and the solutions they have come up with. The counselor will present several options, and once you and your spouse have reached a decision the counselor can file for child support or alimony.

Child support is based on the income of both parents and helps the children receive what is due under the agreement they made prior to the divorce. Alimony is paid by the spouse that pays the child support. It is intended to continue for as long as the children continue to live with the other parent. If the children are living with the non-custodial parent, the judge will order periodic payments to be made to the custodial parent. Again, if both parents have an agreement about the terms of the payment arrangements the court will make these decisions.