Do you have some questions about your dermal fillers? Your top FAQs about aftercare answered.

Do you have some questions about your dermal fillers? Your top FAQs about aftercare answered.

After you have taken the plunge and had fillers injected, it can be a very exciting and curious time.

As a prompt and cost-effective way to plumpn the appearance of your skin, giving you a revitalised and fresher look, having fillers injected offers a unique alternative to traditional facelifts or other surgical options, meaning less recovery time and a simpler aftercare regime.

Of course, you remember all the advice the doctor gave you on looking after your skin and fillers, but over the next few weeks, some more questions and queries are going to come to mind. If it is the first time you have had fillers, you are unlikely to be familiar with the sensations you are going to encounter and so, it is best to be prepared!

So, what are the most common questions that those who have had dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire have? Read on to find out the top five FAQs about the aftercare of fillers.

I have some bruising – is that normal?

After you have had fillers injected, you may notice for the next few days that the injection site will appear slightly swollen and bruised; this is completely normal and is nothing to worry about.

If you notice extensive bruising or the bruises you have appear to be growing, you should seek medical advice and contact the clinic where you had your dermal fillers near Buckinghamshire administered.

The area near the injection site is lumpy – should I call a doctor?

Some lumpiness under the skin around the filler site is normal and is nothing to be worried about.

However, keep an eye on any area of lumpiness and as always, if you have any worries, contact the clinic where your dermal fillers from Buckinghamshire were injected and follow any advice that they give you.

How soon can I wear make-up?

It is generally advised that after you have had fillers, you should avoid wearing make-up for about six hours.

This is to reduce unnecessary pressure on the skin and to prevent massaging of the area. Remember, your fillers need to stay in place and if you are applying concealer, foundation or lipstick, this may prompt them to move out from their designated area.

My face feels hot – can I put an ice pack on it?

In instances of the injection site feeling hot, you should use a cool compress to reduce the hot sensation. Do not use an ice pack to cool the skin, as this is likely to damage the fillers. Similarly, do not apply heat to the injection site, as this will cause a similar issue. If you’ve more questions regarding how to take care of your injection site, try to get in touch with experts from define clinic or elsewhere.

I had the filler injected into my lips; do I still need to avoid contact with hot or cold products?

Yes, you do.

Avoid hot or cold drinks until the area feels less swollen and there is no numbness; this can be common if you had numbing injections. Instead, consume and drink lukewarm products and contact your skin care provider if you have any further concerns.