Dreaming of having straight teeth?

Dreaming of having straight teeth?

When an individual’s teeth are not perfectly straight, they can feel a little less confident about themselves, which can have devastating resultant effects throughout their lives.

By taking proactive steps towards changing the things that they are not happy about and improving their lives, they may find that their social, romantic and business ventures prosper, as they have more self-esteem and are able to present themselves to others in a more positive way.

Aside from this, it is known that people can unconsciously judge others on their appearance and with a smile being one of the first features an individual recognises in another, it naturally becomes a first impression which can make or break a relationship.

So if a patient presents with crooked, crossed or gapped teeth or has a misaligned bite which is causing them grief, they may be interested to hear about the vast range of different treatments that are available to them.

For those who have mild to moderate misalignments, Invisalign in Bedford may be the discreet and easy option that they have been seeking.

Designed for teenagers and adults alike, these clear aligners are removable, allowing for a patient’s daily routine to avoid being disrupted and to prevent their confidence waivering during the process. This is essential for both teenagers and adults alike, where a younger individual may rely a lot on their appearance for their confidence, whilst a working adult may feel that they will be unable to exude a professional appearance whilst wearing more traditional braces.

How does this treatment differ from traditional options?

Traditional braces are attached to the teeth by brackets, and wires are connected to these brackets. The dentist will tighten these wires periodically to pull teeth into their correct position.

These devices are the original kind used to straighten teeth and are still used today for good reason. They are very effective and for more complex cases, give dentists that control that is needed to ensure that the process is going as planned.

Many different options have been developed over the years to accommodate different needs and desires in less complicated situations. You can consult an Ortodoncista to explore your options and opt for the one they recommend. You can choose between invisible braces and traditional braces based on severity of your problem and budget.

Clear aligners differ from most in the way that they guide the teeth and jaw into the correct alignment over time. Rather than pulling teeth, the shape of the aligner is made to gradually push teeth into alignment.

The way the treatment is performed is different, but the results remain the same. There are millions of extremely pleased patients globally who have experienced these aligners and are thrilled with the results.

By discussing with their patients their options and having a scan with the innovative iTero scanner, patients can see if they too are viable for this treatment and how long they must undergo the procedure until they can expect results.

Once the treatment is finished, it is important that all individuals wear a retainer which holds their teeth in the correct position until the ligaments have relaxed. Otherwise, teeth are liable to move back into their original position, thus wasting the investment in time and money that patients have given.