Functional family décor tips for your home

Functional family décor tips for your home

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You don’t need me to tell you that your home is your palace. The property that you have chosen as your family home is likely to mean a lot to you, and I can bet that you’re keen to make it your own in every way possible.

Decorating and maintaining a family home needn’t be as complicated, or boring, as you’ve perhaps feared.

Keep things simple

Do you want to spend all of your time cleaning and tidying, or enjoying your beautiful home? The most functional family homes are the easiest to keep on top of, which means choosing fabrics and furniture that are wipe clean, machine washable and durable. We have learned from experience that little hands make light work of most surfaces, and that having a functional home sometimes means forgoing expensive tastes. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice our style.

Stay savvy with your storage

Who wants to live in a home that’s dominated by clutter? Children accumulate a lot of stuff. In fact, the younger they are, the more belongings they seem to collect. Getting savvy with your storage from the beginning is vital if you want to maintain a clean, functional and happy home. Under-the-stair storage, multifunctional furniture, floating shelves and storage units are particularly useful, while funky toy boxes and hidey holes will encourage little people to keep their own belongings stowed safe and sound.

Play around with natural light

We’re often so obsessed with achieving a particular effect that we ignore the resources right under our noses. When was the last time you appreciated natural sunlight, or used it to your advantage? Warm sunlight can make smaller rooms appear larger, and will slash your electricity bills. There’s also something inherently relaxing and life-affirming about sunlight as it streams into your home. Tier on tier shutters will help you to make the most of the natural light, keeping rooms brighter during the day and cosier in the evenings. Shutters are gorgeous and can make stuffier rooms airier in an instant.

Experiment with colours

Colours and textures can be used to disguise a multitude of sins. White, beige, cream and pale colours can look amazing, but they’re not the most practical when it comes to decorating a family home. Darker shades such as slate, chocolate and taupe, and mottled hues are likely to stand the test of time. Meanwhile, varying textures such as exposed brickwork, woodwork and rugs will draw attention away from spills and wear and tear. Pair neutral walls with a hardy carpet or rug, and consider wood or wood-effect for your floors.

Collect artwork

Your children are your greatest source of artwork – and one of your cheapest means of decorating your home. Rather than attaching the odd picture to your fridge, create galleries along your corridors and embrace the items that your children make at nursery or school.

Your family home is your very own haven of peace and quiet, and it’s important for the property to fulfil every necessity, desire and milestone. However, there are definitely no rules when it comes to decorating and accessorising your home, so embrace your imagination.

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