Funky Tips

I’ve called this page ‘Funky Tips’ because it’s what I’d like to imagine no one has thought of when decorating or designing their home! I’m an interior design nut and I love finding cool and quirky ways to make my house, and my client’s houses, even better. So here they are, from accessorising to constructing to remodelling, read more on the top tipds I can offer on making your family home perfect!

Take Your Time

When you move into a new house or flat or apartment, I know it’s going to be so tempting to dive straight in with the perfect design in your mind. But DON’T. Live in the space for a while before deciding what you want, you’ll get to know the new accommodation and get a feel for what you want where. Chances are, in your mind, you imagined the perfect place when you were still living somewhere else. Whether you intend to or not, that perfect image will be catered to the place you lived before and won’t be translatable to your new space.

Move Your Artwork Down

People put their artwork way too high! I don’t know how it came to be, but so many people hang their paintings, pictures, digital prints etc really far up their walls! Lower your wall features to about eye level. It’s perfect and doesn’t lead the eye away from other, potentially better, features of the room.

Make A Mood Board

This comes at the ‘dreamer’ stage. The first thing you should ever do before embarking on your design journey is to collect images, textures, materials and inspirational words that perfectly reflect what it is you’re trying to achieve from the renovation or redecoration. This can be on a computer or from magazine and physical materials. But go all out, make it wild, make it crazy. Chances are, it will help narrow down your ideas to one tangible theme. If you’re getting an interior design to design the room, a mood board is literally so helpful.

Lighting Makes All The Difference

The brighter the light, the worse your room will look. Opt for dimmers rather than a low wattage lightbulb. Remember – light can make or break a room! Keep windows clean and spacious to make the most of natural light and always have white windowsills and frames. Use ceiling lights for rooms where you’re going to work, side lamps for entertaining and up lighting for art displays.

Make Small Spaces Smart

If you don’t have much space to work with, you need to be smart in how you organise and design your family space. Utilise all hidden spaces for storage, prioritise the daily items and have them easily accessible, while putting less high priority items further back, or even in lofts or garages. Make items multifunctional to optimise the space you have to tidy things away – get a dining table that has draws to store cutlery and plates, get a bed with space underneath to put roller boxes for clothes.

Keep Your Colours Balanced

This is a really hard one to get right, you don’t want too many colours as you’ll create a clash of tones (more the merrier is not the case when it comes to colours) but you also don’t want everything to be exactly the same. This is where interior designer advice will come in handy, they can help you to find that perfect balance to create a zen environment in your home.

Get The Kids Involved

Giving children the opportunity to have a say in what their room looks like allows them to test their creat8ive edges. You can guide them through it and make suggestions and small changes, but at the end of the day it is their room and it needs to be a reflection of their personality. As children get older, it is a sad fact that they will spend more and more time in their room, help them to make it special and give them the tools to create a charming and enjoyable atmosphere in there.