Getting the treatment you deserve

Getting the treatment you deserve

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Thousands of horror stories continue to emerge each year regarding simple, and at most times effective, cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong. Some of these statistics can give a person a general impression of the risks they are undertaking and the sheer volume of people who are hoping to enjoy the benefits of these procedures.

The most common complication appears to be an infection or a negative reaction at the site after the cosmetic procedure has been completed. This can be easily dealt with with a course of antibiotics or a topical cream, or it can leave lasting damage, cause severe pain and scarring.

Cosmetic surgery has definitely boomed over the years which can allow for substandard practices to become available, as doctors look to make as much money as possible and not follow standard procedure. A key point is to ensure that their patients are physically well before the procedure and that they are suitable candidates for the treatment who are unlikely to react negatively.

Although this form of surgery is an elective choice in order to improve an individual’s appearance and give them more confidence in themselves, it can be necessary after an accident or an illness. Even though it is now widely used around the globe, there is still a risk attached to it and people need to know that solicitors in Portsmouth have their back if something goes wrong.

What are some of the procedures that can be claimed against?

Botox is a very popular substance that is used to smooth out wrinkles in the face. It is currently not a requirement for the person administering the toxin to be a registered health professional to do so. Some complications involved that can be legally claimed against include muscle weakness, speech and breathing difficulties, and eyelid droop among others.

Breast augmentations can greatly improve the quality of one’s life either by reducing the size, lifting or enlarging. This is still one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures available to women in the UK. Uneven shaping, scarring, bleeding and infection can be side effects that are unwanted and can leave a patient with lasting emotional and physical damage.

Cosmetic dental work such as teeth whitening, orthodontic work and veneers can be expensive and necessary but can result in nerve damage, extreme sensitivity or ongoing pain if the treatment was not carried out correctly.

Eyelid surgery removes excess fat around the eye to make it appear more lifted and youthful. A good surgeon will cut along the natural lines of the eye so that a scar will seamlessly blend in, rendering it invisible. Complications for this procedure are deemed rare but can be very serious.

If someone has received laser surgery and discovered the results were not as promised, by contacting a lawyer and discussing their situation and options, they can find that they may be able to claim for the considerable cost that they needed to pay.

It is important that patients feel comfortable in the fact that they have the support that they need when it comes to having a cosmetic procedure done. They should feel safe in the fact that they should receive the results that are promised and that there are no undue complications that could have been avoided.