How to find the ideal living room layout

How to find the ideal living room layout

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Here is everything you need to consider for the ideal sitting room set up

For most of us, the living room is the main hub of family activity in our home, so it’s important you do it justice through design. Here’s how to find the ideal living room layout.

The collector

This is a layout for anyone who loves to mix and match. While some people prefer a single suite, there is undeniable charm in having a range of furniture items which all have a different style and yet somehow still work together. Finding a common colour or material can help bring a collection of stunning furniture together.

The space saver

We all want plenty of seating in our living room, but if you’re working with a smaller or narrower space then having two matching sofas can leave your living room looking swamped. It may make more sense to pair one main sofa with a couple of smaller seating options like slimline armchairs, bringing them together with a large rug.

The conversationalist

If you do have the space, two sofas can make a great hub for social activity and conversation. Two identical sofas facing each other across a rug and coffee table is the classic living room layout, and for good reason. This creates a relaxed and sociable vibe which can also be used for television watching by placing a tv against or on the opposite wall.

The entertainer

If you have a habit of entertaining friends and family, you’ll need as much seating as possible. Introducing seating in pairs is a good way of bringing in a lot of different kinds of seating without anything looking out of place. So if you have the space, opt for the classic two-sofa layout above but add two smaller armchairs facing each other across the length of the coffee table.

The cosy corner

A corner sofa is a great way to introduce luxury and comfort, and can be made a feature even in a living room that isn’t huge. If you choose a corner sofa then most of the work is done for you when it comes to deciding layouts, as a corner sofa will inevitably become the focus of the space. Think hard about colour, shape, style and size.

The anti-sofa look

The sofa is always the star of the show in the living room, so for a more evenly spread look try banishing the sofa altogether. Positioning four or six elegant armchairs around a coffee table or footstool is a great way to maximise the sense of airiness and space in your living room without a bulky sofa.

The spread eagle

If you do happen to have the luxury of space in your living room, then you might as well make the most of it. There is no reason why furniture has to be grouped together when you have a much wider surface area to fill, so don’t be afraid to create multiple seating zones and tie them together with tones, material and a large feature rug.

The vintage chair lover

Going vintage with your furniture options is a great way to make your living room unique. Find some vintage chairs from a luxury online marketplace like Vinterior and play around with how best to set them out. You can even mix up vintage and contemporary items for a striking contrast.

The bookworm

Books add individuality, character and warmth to any living room, and if you’re a book lover it’s nice to see all your favourite stories displayed proudly in the hub of your home. Factoring bookcases into your living room is a great way to make it both functional and fashionable, without taking up too much floorspace.

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