IMPORTANT – Taking a Pause to Count Your Blessings

IMPORTANT – Taking a Pause to Count Your Blessings

This is perhaps as philosophical as I’m going get in a very long time to come, but yeah, sometimes it takes travelling to someplace miles and miles away from home to realise just how blessed you are with what you have in your home environment. That’s why I think it’s important to take a step back once in a while, pause for a bit and just count your blessings.

You’ll be amazed at the wonders it’ll do for you going forward because quite frankly there’s nothing more encouraging than being fuelled by a good frame of mind and a good mood which nothing and nobody can spoil for you.

Okay, so to bring the topic a little closer to home and explore it a bit further from my own personal point of view and my own personal experience, my partner and I recently went abroad, visiting a country in which our sexual orientation is a lot more than a taboo, but is all the way illegal!

The country shall remain unnamed for now and we were visiting for business purposes…

Don’t get me wrong – we knew what to expect and we were briefed on the best practices like what we can and cannot do in public, but every single moment only served to remind me of just how lucky some of us are in this world by mere virtue of where we were born and where we live. I mean can you just imagine how it must be being faced with the reality that the “way you are” is a crime punishable by some of the harshest punishments the laws in your country of your birth enforce?

Now obviously there are means and ways to make sure you can try and be who you really are, such as relocating or confining some of your natural urges to private spaces, but I really just can’t imagine having to go my entire life having to hide my true sexuality. Anyway, no one really hides it all the time. Today, it’s easy for people to explore the limits of their sexuality by themselves, through adult content and Cartoon Porno pages that feature all kinds of stuff. But it wasn’t like that always.

Imagine how hard it must be growing up, particularly when you hit puberty and your hormones are wreaking havoc on your body in addition to having to deal with what can be the very confusing reality of figuring your sexuality out.

It goes beyond my sexuality in terms of counting my blessings however, as I have so much to be grateful for and sometimes just looking around and taking the time to at the very least acknowledge all which has been bestowed upon me is enough to keep me going and is more than enough to give me the strength to fight through some of the really difficult times.

Do you have a loving partner you can go home to after a long and stressful day at work? Does your pet greet you lovingly in spite of the stern scolding you gave him yesterday for chewing your favourite pair of slippers? These are seemingly small blessings which we often take for granted, but these are indeed those blessings which carry the most significance!