Interior Decor Compromise – When Styles Clash

Interior Decor Compromise – When Styles Clash

New home starters are faced with many challenges in turning their house into the home they’d both be proud of retreating to after engaging in whatever activities which take them away from it, one of which challenge is decorating. This is particularly so when both parties involved have their own ideas of what they’d like the home to look like, especially if they have contrasting styles.

It can turn into a major issue when styles clash because at the end of the day both parties need to be satisfied with what will be the environment they’re meant to be most comfortable in. When each of your tastes are sitting at completely opposite ends of the preference spectrum, however, a compromise will inevitably have to be reached, but that doesn’t make it any easier because each individual in the equation will naturally feel like they’re the one who is compromising a lot more than the other. It’s just the nature of the game, but it is indeed an obstacle which can be overcome and have you both feeling happy and content with what you eventually come up with.

Internal compromise

Okay, so first you need to sit yourself down individually and work through your own requirements and preferences with a view of being open to compromise. This will do you and your relationship with your significant other a world of good because subconsciously you’re preparing yourself for what healthy cohabiting relationships are all about – compromise.

At the same time, you don’t want to compromise so much that you completely lose touch with your own individual identity. After all you want to be able to love walking into your sanctuary and taking refuge in your home. So naturally, there are some personal interior decor considerations you’d want to make sure shine through.

Rope in a professional

Yes, it may cost a bit of money, but it’ll likely be worth it in the end roping in a professional interior designer. Trust me, I would know (wink-wink). Professional interior designers have the gift of bringing together more than one style, no matter how contrasting those styles and preferences are. A good interior designer (like Helen Coulston) can help you approach the project in a way that ensures all details are in harmony with the overall design. They also tend to come up with unique styles, which makes all contributing parties happy with the final outcome. It’s a gift really and you’ll be surprised at just what comes of it.

Present your requirements to each other

Now, this step is important because it can make what turns out to be an unnecessary issue the non-issue it really is. Write down or record each of your decoration requirements and plans and then present them to each other uninterrupted. So you can swap notes perhaps. This way if the one partner perhaps mentioned absolutely nothing about how they’d want the kitchen to be done up or any other aspect of the home’s decor, then it would be natural to assume that they’re not really too fussed about how it would be done up. In that case, if the other partner was detailed about that same aspect then naturally this would mean they should perhaps have greater reign over that specific element.