Keeping your conservatory cool in the summer

Keeping your conservatory cool in the summer

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Conservatories are an extremely popular home renovation for many reasons. They are a wonderful place to relax that offer you a lot of sunlight and beautiful designs as we; as the opportunity to use it as an extra room of any purpose you wish.

Whilst they are stunning due to the amount of light they let in, this can also have drawbacks dependant on the placement of them and the time of day that they receive the most sun.

If your conservatory is in position to get a lot of sun during the hottest hours, it could get very hot. Here’s how to keep it cool:

  1. Ventilation

The most important thing to do with your conservatory is to ensure it is fully ventilated. Not only does this create an air flow through the space, keeping it cool, but it also helps keep damp and mould at bay because of it.

To ventilate your conservatory you can do many things. Keeping some windows open circulates air on their own, or you may choose to install passive background ventilation via permanent roof vents or trickle ventilators in the windows.

Get in contact with a glass specialist to discuss ventilation options and ask what they have available to you.

  1. Shade

The more sun you allow into your conservatory, the warmer it will get. Install roof and window blinds, shades, awnings or sails to shelter the room from direct sunlight in those peak times.

You could also plant a tree in your garden adjacent to the conservatory. Choose a deciduous tree so that sunlight will pass through in the winter months.

  1. Solar Control or Tinted Glazing

Special kinds of glazing can allow light to pass through but limit the amount of heat that enters the conservatory.

  1. Window Film

If you don’t want to replace the glass, a good option is to buy window film to cover the existing glass. This isn’t as powerful as the special glass but does help reduce the amount of heat that passes through into the room.

Whilst all those points will help you keep a cool conservatory in the summer months, I would advise that you plan cautiously when thinking of building your conservatory so that no measures need to be taken or changed later on.

Place your conservatory on a side of the house that is sheltered and doesn’t get too much direct sunlight. Also, include the above strategies.

Design the best conservatory possible and you won’t need to worry.

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