Large vs. Small: What Size Should Your Tiles Be?

Large vs. Small: What Size Should Your Tiles Be?

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Picking flooring tiles is never easy, and one decision that people often find particularly trying is whether to install several large tiles or a far greater array of smaller ones. The solution is sometimes obvious, but not always. If it’s a decision you’ve been struggling to make, just read through the key benefits that come with each option.

Why Should You Choose Larger Tiles?

Larger tiles are a lot easier and faster to install since you’ll need far fewer of them. This is nice for DIYers, and it’s going to help save time, inconvenience, and money if you need to have a tradesman in to tackle the job.

Even after being installed, larger tiles are arguably a lot more convenient. This is down to the vastly reduced amount of grouting that needs to be used with larger tiles. All those grout lines collect dust and stains, making them very hard to keep clean.

Though not a hard and fast rule, you should also adopt larger tiles in larger rooms. Going for smaller ones will make a room seem uncoordinated and busy, and larger tiles seem to possess a sense of timeless grandeur more appropriate in bigger rooms.

Why Should You Choose Smaller Tiles?

Smaller tiles take longer to install than large tiles, but keep in mind that that’s only a one-time issue. In fact, it conceals one of the most important benefits that comes with using smaller tiles: convenient and inexpensive replaceability. If one of the tiles sustains damage, it will be much easier to put the problem right if the tile is on the smaller side. Additionally, you’re less likely to experience problems with lippage, where one edge is higher than that of the adjacent tile.

Smaller tiles are also ideal if you have a smaller space to work with. Using just a couple of large tiles will make rooms that are on the cosier side feel even smaller, and you’ll find it hard to fit them naturally around difficult angles.

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