Looking to expand your patient list? 5 features for a successful patient attraction system

Looking to expand your patient list? 5 features for a successful patient attraction system

Whether you are a new dental surgery or have been operating in your current location for years, you are probably looking for ways to consistently attract new patients to your surgery.

However, if you are running your dental surgery with a small team, you don’t have the time or the energy to be worrying about focus groups or online advertising; your focus is on your patients’ care.

To get more patients through the surgery door, you need to invest in online marketing. The internet world is the easiest way to attract new patients and with the right dental marketing team, it can be the fastest way too. But this does not mean you need to step aside when it comes to a patient attraction system; any marketing team worth their salt will work with your team to build your internet presence while handling the more nitty-gritty bits of online marketing.

But what are some of the key features of a successful patient attraction system?


Firstly, your new marketing team will probably ask you to put all of your cards on the table and assess your surgeries current position; are there any weaknesses that keep being highlighted by patient reviews? Are there any areas you want to focus on specifically, such as your ability to fit dental implants?

This will help your marketing team to identify the areas that require some work for your surgery to grow and with the correct patient attraction system and some hard work from your team, those weaker areas will become a thing of the past.

Identify your target audience

Luckily, this part has already been done for you but you and your marketing team will need to assess how you want to advertise your surgery to them.

Statistically, all decisions about health care in the home are made by women and as mentioned before, getting your surgeries advertisement placed correctly will boost the numbers of new patients you receive. This may involve placing adverts on social media, parenting blogs or even entertainment sites.


Assessing the competition is key to attracting new patients; is there a surgery near you that isn’t able to offer the same services that your team can?

If you know of anything that can help your surgery to stand apart from the next one, let your marketing team know and they will use it to attract new clients.

SEO and website presence

Of course, search engine optimization and website presence are key for attracting new patients. As over 96% of internet users do not click onto page 2 of results from a search engine, a marketing team will put a great deal of work into keeping your website on page 1 while also sprucing up your surgeries site.

Referral and loyalty program

A key way for your team to impact on new patients coming to your surgery is to devise either a loyalty or referral program (or both!).  Rewarding patients for joining and staying with your surgery always works well!


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.