Meeting up with Your Buddies? Here Are 4 Board Games That Will Keep You Entertained and Laughing

Meeting up with Your Buddies? Here Are 4 Board Games That Will Keep You Entertained and Laughing

As the holidays come around, many people come together for festivities and merriment. An overlooked pastime for lovers of fun is board games. From the tried and true common winners like Monopoly to those lesser known – but still crowd-pleasing – board games like Wizards of the Coast bring people together in a way that no other form of entertainment has been able to reach.

Whether you’re planning a party for the holidays or just having a get-together with your friends or family, here are four board games that are sure to entertain you and your guests for hours on end!

The 4 Best Board Games for Your Fun Night

  1. Spontuneous – While the game itself assures you that talent is not required, you’ll surely know the difference between those who can carry a tune and those who could benefit from some singing lessons. In this game, each player has a turn to say a word, after which others have to sing a song containing that word.

The Tunesmith turns the timer and finds a Trigger-Word. The first player who sings at least 5 words containing that Trigger-Word scores the point for that round.

  1. Smart Ass – Continuing the list of the top 4 best games for adults is Smart Ass, where blurting out your answer first wins you the round and gets you closer to winning the coveted prize as the ultimate “Smart Ass.”

Although there are earlier versions of the game, the newest edition has all new up-to-date clues about modern personalities and events, so older Smart Ass winners won’t know all of the answers!

  1. Quarter Life Crisis Parody – From the makers of the original Game of Life (inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2010), this version is a parody directed towards life as a Millennial. However, instead of moving forward from scratch and earning money, players have to find a way to pay off $500,000 of debt in order to win.

Similarly to the original board game, you will earn or lose money as you rotate around the board. The big difference comes in the ways that you do this. Consequences for messing up include such common Millennial setbacks as dropping your phone in the toilet or getting a messed up tattoo, but you may also end up married or divorced along the way!

  1. Botched Operation – In true parody form and bringing back nostalgic memories for many players, this game is a more difficult form of the original version of Operation, where you had to concentrate and have steady hands to remove body parts from the patient, Cavity Sam.

In Botched Operation, you’re the doctor and you still have to remove the body parts from Sam, but now you have an extra challenge: You have to pick a challenge card and perform the operation while also performing a stunt. Focus gets hard as the challenge cards get tougher, but the fun never stops until the surgery is complete!

Plan the Perfect Party With These 4 Games

Video games are player-limited, outdoor activities are only good when the weather permits, but board games are entertainment that is guaranteed fun no matter what the weather. Grab your friends and family and one or more of these games and get ready for the never-ending laughs to start!