Preventing Accidents In the Home

Preventing Accidents In the Home

As much as possible, it’s a good idea to control your home environment to prevent accidents. Now, by definition, accidents aren’t meant to happen. But that doesn’t mean that you should be complacent about the fact that how you set up your home environment does make a difference to individual members of your family.

Some of the accidents that you can prevent by preparation and the useful application of knowledge include accidents due to slipping and falling, safety issues for babies and toddlers, where you store your chemical cleaners, and how you organize your sharp things and your hot things.

Slips and Falls

Especially when it comes to senior citizens, slips and falls in the home are relatively common. Because seniors lose mobility, flexibility, and reflex time as they age, items in the home or types of flooring that never used to be a problem can become an issue. That’s why you need to regularly go over potential trip hazards in your home in the context of who is living there and in what state of health they are in. Anytime you have someone with a higher risk of falling, you have to put additional safety precautions in place.

Safety For Babies and Toddlers

If there’s going to be a child in your house, then you have to do some childproofing. This usually means putting locks on cabinets, barriers in front of stairways, and various types of covers over electrical outlets. There are all sorts of other things that you can do on multiple checklists, but the point is that something that might be seen as innocuous for an adult or even a teenager is definitely not safe for babies and toddlers. Keep your safety precautions in context at all times, and it’s better to be overcautious and lenient when it comes to safety matters.

Chemical Cleaner Storage

Where do you store your chemical cleaners? For many people, they keep them in cabinets under sinks. This can be dangerous though, as accidents can occur when people get into those lower cabinets, or potentially when the fumes from those chemicals mix, or possibly when animals get into a covered, or likely when there’s any kind of a spill you can’t see. Appropriately storing chemical cleaners means putting them up high in a visible place where you can tell if there’s any mixing or spills.

Gun Storage

Safes, gun safes, gun cases, lock boxes, or other devices for storing firearms are designed to be unlocked only with a key, combination, or similar method. Those who believe it should be legal to possess guns in households should also be extra careful when storing their firearms. When you have children at home, the last thing you want is for them to hurt themselves with the gun you possess for their safety. It is for this reason that gun storage (holsters like from the ones at, cases, et al) should be given the utmost priority.

Sharp Things and Hot Things

The final thing to be cautious of when it comes to preventing accidents in your home are sharp things and hot things. Scissors and knives should be out of the reach of anyone who would accidentally hurt themselves with them. And anything hot like a stovetop, an oven, or hair curlers should be stored in a way that does not allow easy access to someone that could potentially burn themselves or start a fire.

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