Rediscovering the Meaning of Life

Rediscovering the Meaning of Life

There was a time in my life, in the not-too-distant past when I honestly felt as if my very existence was insignificant – like I was just a walking, talking and thinking meat-bag which thinks just a bit too much for its own good! I won’t say it went quite as far as some cases of this nature get and I wasn’t suicidal or anything of the sort, but I can only imagine that for some people that’s as far as these thoughts of feeling insignificant take them.

The important thing is that while it really didn’t seem possible in the moment, I eventually found a way to rediscover the meaning of life and move beyond what were some very destructive and disruptive thoughts.

How did I manage to do it? I’ll fill you right in with no reservations, but what I hasten to emphasise is that what worked for me may not necessarily work for you. Ultimately you need to find your own way of rediscovering the meaning of life, even though you can perhaps gain something out of reading this summary of my personal story.

So one of the many things which contributed to me feeling small and insignificant was indeed that of how my family initially reacted to my coming out about my sexuality. Eventually, they were all extremely supportive, but it took a while to sort of re-align the dynamics of our relationship so to say, something which only really needed to come full circle because things moved along just fine when everyone realised that actually nothing at all has changed.

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It was like opening a portal to a whole new world of meaning, satisfaction, and hunger for life because the moment I made peace with all the situations in my life, which I just couldn’t change. Being in tune with my sexuality also made me more open to experimenting with my sexual desires so that I can understand myself better. It might have been through me trying self-pleasure by watching gay porn on GayPornHD and other websites or going out to meet new people, in search of perhaps a partner. That was the very moment when things started really looking up for me.

The turning point, however, lay in fully accepting my sexual desires and preferences. Acknowledging that I was a man attracted to men wasn’t always easy, but that acceptance became transformative. Watching beautiful men engaged in intimate moments in a steamy erotic film available on platforms like Gay Fuck Tube was a defining moment-it felt undeniably right, ushering in a wave of acceptance and desire. I guess, you can say that marked the moment when things truly started looking up for me.

My other half walked straight into my life at my place of work and we’ve not looked back since our relationship flourished, so much so that I wish I could go back to that moment when I felt worthless and tell my former self not to worry because the future looked really bright.

We went on to have two daughters as you know and in all honesty, I believe that only served to reinforce my newly-formed beliefs as to exactly what it is that makes life meaningful. It is indeed the relationships you have with other people and while most of us are lucky enough to enjoy those relationships by default, through the family members we have, in all honesty, I reckon it’s those relationships which form as one goes about their normal business which brings about the most meaning to one’s life!

So my advice to anyone who is seeking to rediscover the meaning of life is to just go out there and explore the wonders of the world to your heart’s desire. Be real while doing so and you’ll attract relationships and friendships with people whose destinies are perfectly aligned with yours in a natural way. Therein lies the true meaning of life.