Steps to take in a dental emergency

Steps to take in a dental emergency

There are several types of dental emergencies that should be seen immediately by a dentist at Spa Dental Sydney CBD. Some are a result of strong pain, which can become unbearable and therefore people resort to seeking help as quickly as they can.

Another kind of emergency stems from an accident or injury and can sometimes be less obvious. When a tooth is cracked, chipped or a crown has been knocked out, it is still considered to be a dental emergency and patients should work to see a Dentist DTC, or an emergency dentist wherever they are, as soon as possible, ideally during that same day. Infections, abcesses and other swelling should also be seen to as quickly as possible to reduce pain and minimise healing time.

When a tooth has been knocked out completely, there are some steps that the person can take to give their teeth the best possible chance of reinsertion into the mouth. They may not have to resort to having a dental implant or another kind of treatment procedure to regain their natural smile again.

What can a person do if their tooth has been knocked out?

After finding the tooth, it is important to remember to handle it on the crown only and avoid touching the delicate root structure. Should the tooth be dirty, never rub or scrub it clean, instead a person should rinse it in milk or a saline solution which is generally found in first aid kits or even they can lick it clean.

Avoiding water is imperative as the cells can swell up and burst when immersed in water for too long. Sticking with saliva, milk or a saline solution will give the dentist the best chance of working with a healthy tooth that is able to be reimplanted into the mouth.

If the patient is able to replace the tooth back into the injured site without too much pain or hassle, then they can do this on their way to the dental emergency room. Just be careful not to swallow it in the process! If a person is able to get seen by a dentist within an hour of the injury occurring, then there is a great chance they may be able to save the lost tooth.

What about toothache?

A toothache is generally defined as a throbbing sensation that worsens when a person eats, chews, or drinks anything hot or cold. This could be due to an infection beneath the tooth, decay, an abscess, or disease. If the ache persists, you might want to see a dentist from EastSide Family Dental Care or another dental care clinic in your area because in severe cases, toothaches can even cause headaches.

Prevention is always the best sure in these instances and by reducing one’s intake of sugary food, brushing,flossing and rinsing at least twice a day is a person’s best measure in reducing the likelihood of needing to visit the emergency room as a result of poor oral health.

By seeking the non judgemental and supportive advice and care of a dentist then patients can get the all round dental care that they are entitled to.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.