The Family

Like I said over on my about the site page, I am the father of two wonderful and amazing little girls. They truly are the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Casey and Lily were born to us by a surrogate and they are biologically either mine or my partner Alex’s, we’ve decided not to find out the exact father because at the end of the day, we’re both their daddies and it doesn’t matter who’s exact DNA lies in their bodies. They’re both picking up our traits by any means and while Casey is the mini of Alex, Lilly becomes more and more like me every day!

So without further ado, here’s an introduction to my little ‘funkytional’ family.


I met Alex while I was on work experience at an interior architects office in Nottingham, I was doing a placement year during university and just happened to be dumped in an office where I would meet the love of my life. He continued with interior architecture and now owns a small, but respectable firm, I’m so proud of him! He’s from a big family, full of women, and he wouldn’t have had it any other way. He loves his mum and all four (!) of his sisters and their nieces (true fact: the only men in his family are him and his dad… what are the chances!). Alex was raised on a farm in Pembrokeshire and is so outdoorsy, it took me a while, but he’s training me to enjoy trekking up mountains. He’s the best life partner I could ever have asked for and the amount of love he’s able to give is amazing.


Casey is the eldest of my two daughters. She’s 11 and is growing into a terrible teenager far too fast! She’s just discovered make-up, which was a milestone that me and Alex were always dreading. Neither of us are feminine enough to help her, but luckily she’s very experimental and outgoing, she’s always on youtube trying out new make-up tutorials (they don’t always go well). She’s so brave and clever and I just know she’s going to grow up to be something great. I have every faith in her creativity and intelligence, me and Alex are secretly hoping for scientist, but maintain we’d be over the moon whatever she chooses to do!


Ahhh, my little Lily flower. Just like her name, she is such a delicate and precious baby. I say baby, but she’s now approaching 7 and it’s truly breaking my heart. She was a bit of a miracle baby after complications with her birth, but she pulled through and now she’s growing far too fast! I want her to stay my little angel forever. She’s so gracious and kind and I know she’ll never have a bad bone in her body or a bad word to say about anyone, and in turn, no one could ever say a bad word about her. Just like me, she loves books and pretty things and she’s forever trying to recreate my interior design mood boards. Hopefully, she’ll follow in my footsteps one day!


What a perfectly funkytional family with their little dog? Perry is a three-year-old German shepherd with a heart of gold. He’s the biggest dope ever and is always lumbering about the house or the garden with his big, dumb grin. We love him to pieces though, even though I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s one of Casey’s and Lily’s dads too! He’s so protective over them, it really is just the cutest thing. We love him!