The forgotten importance of aftercare

The forgotten importance of aftercare

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People can be overly concerned about the surgical aspect of dental implants in Southampton due to a natural fear of pain and the unknown. So when asking questions regarding the treatment, dentists have found that many are based around the initial stages of treatment and little thought is put into the aftercare.

Aftercare is a very important consideration that often goes ignored. However, for there to be such high success rates with this procedure, appropriate steps need to be taken to ensure the health and cleanliness of the site to avoid infection or rejection of the implant.

Recovery time is lengthy, simply due to the necessity for the titanium screw to fuse with the jaw bone and surrounding soft tissues in order for a successful implantation to occur. Should the body reject the implant, infection and pain will be present and complications can arise.

What are some of the risks associated with this procedure?

Problems are generally quite rare with this procedure with success rates sitting comfortably around 98%. This does not give patients the right to be complacent with their aftercare routine however, as this is where most issues can be found.

As with any surgery, there is some element of risk that is involved. Every step is taken to ensure that such risks are minor and easily treated when found early. Infection at the site is the most common complaint and can be dealt with, with a course of antibiotics.

Patients should work at keeping the site free from debris as best they can by swilling salt water around their mouths after eating, whilst the surgical wound is still healing.

Other complications such as injury or damage to surrounding areas, nerve damage or sinus issues can be a result of this treatment. With the necessary and extensive planning that goes into the initial stages of this treatment, many of these unfortunate circumstances can be avoided.

Why is it done?

People who have lost one or several teeth may find that they are negatively affected both emotionally and physically. Teeth will gradually shift as a result of a missing tooth which can cause pain and further complications.

It can be devastating to lose a tooth and people can find that it seriously impacts their self-esteem and confidence. They may find it difficult to smile as they are so conscious of how their smile now looks.

Unfortunately, society does not look kindly on bad teeth, with people unconsciously judging others to be less intelligent, less trustworthy and less attractive should they have missing teeth.

By improving the appearance of one’s smile, patients can also enjoy the physical benefits of having a full and complete smile as well, as they are able to eat and chew without concern of pain or discomfort.

The crowns are natural in both their appearance and functionality. They will feel just like the original tooth did and will match surrounding teeth in shape, size and colour. People will not be able to tell the difference once the treatment is complete, perhaps even including the patient!