The importance of a child’s dental care

The importance of a child’s dental care

Good habits are learned from a young age and with the huge increase of sugar and preservatives in everyone’s diet over the past few years, it is more imperative than ever that parents are dedicated in providing their children with the appropriate health care to combat the surge in diseases and ill health that is a result of today’s diet and lifestyle.

At Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, working with children is a joy to many of the dentists, aiming to educate and inspire them to care for their own smile properly so that it can care for them in the future. Even milk teeth need to be cared for properly as the adult teeth that are growing behind them are affected by their health. If they are decayed and fall out prematurely, this can have devastating consequences to a child’s overall oral health for life.

A dentist in Mackay will gladly educate both parent and child on the importance of looking after young teeth and how it is best done. There are a range of different preventive treatments that are available which can have a long lasting positive impact on the overall health of a child and can improve their chances of having a positive relationship with their dentist in the future.

When a parent has a positive influence on their child, speaking positively about experiences and not transferring their own fears of the dentist onto their child subconsciously, there is no need for a child to develop a fear of the dentist. From researching local dentists to find the best possible for your family, to visitations that begin at an early age, children can themselves develop a positive relationship with their dentist and enjoy the praise they receive for taking such good care of their own teeth.

What are some of these preventive treatments for children?

A great way to ensure that a caregiver is doing all they can to assist their child in caring for their own teeth is by taking advantage of the preventive treatments that are available from a dentist.

By combining a good oral hygiene routine with additional treatments administered by a dentist, preventive measures are in place to ensure that there is a reduced chance for young teeth to be damaged by decay and disease, which can have negative effects that last a lifetime.

Once such treatment is a fissure sealant, which is a thin and malleable resin that is painted onto the biting surfaces of molar teeth to protect these vulnerable areas from decay.

It is difficult for children and adults alike to brush appropriately these areas which have deep grooves and where food and debris can get stuck and lodged in place. Over time, this build up of food and bacteria can eat away at the enamel and enter into the tooth itself, creating a cavity that needs to be filled.

This resin fills in and smooths away these grooves, making them easier to clean and protecting the tooth, reducing the risk of such decay. It lasts for several years and can easily be reapplied once i begins to wear away or chip off.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.