The patient journey

The patient journey

Innovative and creative thinkers look outside the box to ensure that they are receiving the best quality dental care for the best prices. By looking at every available option, many people discover that dental implants abroad are a great way of cutting costs on a procedure that although is not viewed as a necessary or emergency procedure, can significantly improve the quality of life for those who have them.

Implants are generally not covered by the NHS and are expensive, being only available privately. This means that in many cases, they are not an option for a lot of patients who would otherwise benefit from the many advantages that they provide.

When a person loses a tooth for whatever reason, other teeth tend to compensate for this loss. They can shift and distort as they are not contained in their correct position by being adjacent to other teeth.

A patient will also be at a greater risk of tooth decay in their remaining teeth and infection at the site of the lost tooth as a result of not doing anything about their missing teeth. Their overall health can be negatively impacted through poor nutritional choices based on what a person can eat rather than what they should, as well as other factors that are constantly being researched.

Appearance also is of great concern to many individuals who have lost a tooth, especially if it is visible when they smile. Several missing teeth can also result in a person’s cheeks sinking in, prematurely ageing their face.

What is the solution to these issues?

Every patient should be interested in finding out about a more affordable option to replace their teeth whilst never compromising on quality of dental work, materials used and aftercare. By seeking the assistance of a local dental practice who specialises in providing their patients with quality dental tourism assurance, patients can feel confident throughout the entire procedure in knowing that they are receiving top quality care and support.

Some parts of the procedure, especially the initial consultation can be done locally as well, with necessary scans and X-rays being taken from locations throughout the UK and Ireland and being sent directly to the dentists in Budapest.

Patients can also feel free to have their initial consultation with an adjacent company in Dublin, or if they wish, meet with the team in Budapest to take a look at the facility and speak to other patients before they commit to the treatment plan.

It can be a daunting experience for any patient when they need to have some kind of surgical procedure in order to maintain an appropriate level of oral health for them to enjoy the functionality of their teeth and smile.

This is why the team is so dedicated in supporting their patient through every step of the way; from booking tickets, hotel rooms, transfers and even defining an appointment timetable so that the patient can feel confident in their actions and free to ask questions at any stage of the journey.