The role of dental implants can address the disruptive influences of missing teeth

The role of dental implants can address the disruptive influences of missing teeth

For many patients, losing their natural teeth can be a devastating loss that can dramatically reduce the quality of their lifestyles. Numerous missing teeth problems can make normal activities challenging, in addition to impacting self-confidence. Implantology is a well-established dental treatment that can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth and even bridges and dentures.

 Here’s a look at some of the ways lost teeth can be a problem.

 4 Ways missing teeth impacts lifestyles

Losing permanent teeth can be an agonising loss as it affects patients in more ways than one.

1.  Eating can be challenging

Pain is not a natural consequence of eating normally, but it can be having lost an adult tooth or a number of teeth. Having lost a tooth or two, patients can experience difficulties in chewing and eating certain foods especially the hard and crunchy kinds. If these foods are a particular favourite then quality of life is further reduced.

2.            Speech impediments

Gaps caused by lost teeth can make pronouncing certain words difficult which has the potential to affect confidence negatively.

3.            Emotional or mental stress

Whether it is finding a job, carrying out professional responsibilities or maintaining a social life missing teeth can pose a few stumbling blocks. The main block is the lack of confidence due to a less-than-perfect smile or facial appearance.  Consider how a journalist, for example, may find gaps in their teeth a self-image weakness, that takes away from them conducting interviews in a confident and professional manner.

4.            Impact on oral health

The integrity of the dental structure of a patient’s mouth is compromised when teeth fall out. This is true even if it is a single tooth. The gap that is created can result in nearby teeth shifting out of position that may lead to further problems in the future. Reduction in bone density is another serious consequence of having teeth lost and not seeking to replace them with a suitable treatment option.

Why teeth restorative implants are the natural dental solution

Patients have a select choice when it comes to choosing dental treatments to restore missing teeth. Each option has its own particular set of pros and cons and a patient has to make a decision based on their preferences and lifestyle needs. For patients considering dental implant Navan procedures, the following benefits are hugely appealing:

  • Tooth implants can avoid compromising the remaining teeth that are in good health.
  • There are no hygiene issues that may apply to other replacement teeth treatments.
  • Titanium screws are skilfully implanted to ensure a high degree of success (these metal screws fuse with living bone providing permanent support).
  • Unlike some teeth restoration treatments, implant patients do not have to contend with a poor fit or suffer from gum irritation.

For patients who want the look and function of their natural teeth back, the ideal option is to consider having a metal-like structure implanted into the jawbone and having a crown inserted on top of it. It is better to arrange a consultation with a qualified dentist (one can easily find a dentist using websites similar to to be better assisted with the procedures, techniques, pros, and cons related to this procedure.

Apparently, having a healthy set of teeth doesn’t only provide efficient chewing but also gives one a beautiful smile along with confidence in speaking. And when the options are available (thanks to the evolving technology) to achieve this, why not try it out!