Tips on being a self-employed parent

Tips on being a self-employed parent

There is no doubt that making the decision to become a self-employed parent makes perfect sense. It not only means you can do something you love but also help improve your work/life balance. Working as a salaried employee can mean you spend more time at the office than at home, which can be hard on family life. Not only will you be able to spend less time with your family, you will also have less time to do chores and upkeep. Being self-employed won’t solve all of your problems and there are definitely some things you should be aware of before you become self-employed (you can find them in an article on, but it will definitely make being a parent much easier.

Great tips for self-employed parents

Of course, making the move to become self-employed needs careful planning. This is not only in terms of what you will do for your new venture but also how you can fit it all in as a self-employed parent. Here are some great tips to help out:

  • Get some help – One thing that is well worth doing is getting help where you need it. This will not only give you more time to spend with your children but also lighten your stress levels and work load. Many self-employed parents will use an umbrella company to help with important issues, from help with IR35 to dealing with your PAYE.
  • Make time for your kids – One of the best things about being a self-employed parent is that you are your own boss. However, it is easy to actually work more hours than you did before! Make sure that you always have time to spend with your children each day and take time out to attend any school plays or important events. For that, you might need the help of an au pair who can assist you around the house with things like laundry, lunch prep, and tidying up the indoor space, which you otherwise would have to do by yourself in the absence of the helper. Remember that Au Pairs can help you to conveniently manage your busy schedule, thereby allowing you more quality time to spend with your kids.
  • Set up a separate office – While it is tempting to work from the lounge or kitchen table, this can be tricky with kids around. You will soon find that you get easily distracted dealing with them or chatting when you should be working. Working in a separate space will help limit interruptions in your working day.
  • Set a routine – When you are a busy parent, there are lots of things to do! The trouble is that you can easily start spending time you should be working tidying up your kids’ toys and doing the many loads of washes they create. By setting a work routine based around when they are home or at school, you will get the right mix of work and home life.
  • Try to save a little – As all parents know, kids are expensive! Whether it is clothes they outgrow as soon as you buy them or the latest toy, they always end up being costly. If you can, save a little money each month so that you have the cash to buy the things that they need. Having this rainy day fund will help you cover any out of the blue expenses like school trips or extra supplies.

Being a self-employed parent is great

If you are a parent thinking of becoming self-employed, then it is a great move to consider. Not only does it mean you are your own boss, but it also allows you to spend more time with your children. Although you may work the same hours as before, less commuting and no boss asking you to stay late will vastly improve your work/life balance.

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