Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe As They Walk To School

Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe As They Walk To School

Having your children walk to school in today’s world is a bit different than it has been in past generations. Today’s children face new dangers, and it’s vital that parents thoroughly prepare their kids to travel safely on their way to school.

Equip yourself with the most focused pieces of safety knowledge, and transfer your wisdom to your kids. Here is a brief look at some of the most effective ways to keep your kids safe as they walk to school.

Evaluate safety along your child’s route

Before ever sending your child to school the first time, you need to walk the route yourself. Walk your child’s route to evaluate safety levels along the way. You need to know what your child will be facing each day on their trek to school. To be honest, no one wants to get embroiled in a personal injury case like a pedestrian or a car accident.

Check to see if there are sidewalks along the way. You’ll want to know if there are crossing guards and/or pedestrian safety lights present where they are most needed, and if the crossing areas easy to spot as a driver.

The number one danger to your kids is presented when crossing the road. Pedestrian accidents and injuries are extremely hazardous, and your children should understand the constant presence of danger when walking across the street.

Teach your children basic safety routines

It is your responsibility to teach your children basic safety routines. Here are a few guidelines to instill in your child’s mind to assure that they arrive safe and sound at school every morning.

  • Look left, right, and left again before crossing the street.
  • Always use the sidewalk if it is present.
  • Only walk in front of the bus when the driver says it’s safe.
  • Don’t cross behind a bus or through stopped traffic.

Dress your kids appropriately

There are numerous factors to consider when dressing your children for school. Given, they probably dress themselves, but there should be some guidelines present.

For instance, make sure your kids are wearing appropriate attire for the temperatures outside. You may also want to equip your kids with a bright (or reflective) jacket or vest to heighten safety precautions along their route.

Model safe behavior when walking with your children

Kids are little sponges, and they’re always watching. Make sure you model proper safety behaviors in front of your child, so when you’re not around, they’ll know how to act. Setting a bad example will only result in lax behavior from your children.

No smartphones or blaring headphones

Teach your children to keep their heads out of their smartphones (and other gadgets) as they walk to school. It’s not safe to walk with your head down, and sometimes it’s not safe to walk with an expensive gadget out in the open.

Blaring headphones can keep your child from hearing vital audible cues for their safety. You may not be the most popular parent, but there are ways to limit the volume levels on your child’s devices.