Ways for parents to relax away from the kids

Ways for parents to relax away from the kids

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Parents love to spend time with their kids, having fun with them and helping them learn, but sometimes it’s healthy to get away from them, if only for a little bit. Everyone needs alone time, even parents. It’s a time for you to relax and recharge, which is healthy for your wellbeing. Kids can be stressful, so it’s nice to remember that you are your own person. Here are just a few ways that you can relax and get away from your kids for a little while. 

Have a read

A great way to relax is to escape into a new world, but you don’t have to do it literally. Reading a book lets you use your imagination and create imagery from the author’s words. There are books on everything from the history of China to romantic fiction about vampires – choose your favorite genre or try something new.

Additionally, a book is a nice way to spend time reading, without having to stare at a screen. You can also do it outside (if it’s a nice day, of course) and get some vitamin D while you get lost in someone else’s world. 

Do your hobby

Whether it’s knitting, painting, woodwork or something else, your hobby is a part of you. Life is all about balance, and being able to go away and work on something for a bit that is nothing to do with your job can be a really satisfying way to relax. Leave the kids with your partner or parents for a bit and go away and create something. It’s even better if you can come back with something to show to the kids that will delight them. 

Have a game

Even parents like to game. This is becoming more of a trend as the generations that grew up playing video games start having kids. If you don’t have a console, then try using your smartphone or your laptop. There are loads of games of all genres available to play online, including puzzle, action-adventure and internet casino games. 

Go for a walk or a run

If you’ve been stuck inside all day entertaining the kids, or you’ve been in the office all day, then a walk outside in the fresh air will provide a nice stretch of the legs. A walk is a great time to think and reflect on the day ahead or the day you’ve just had. If you would like more exercise, then a run will get the heart pumping. It can be hard to fit exercise into a busy schedule involving work and kids, so a quick run can be a good way of staying fit while getting a little time to yourself. 


When you get away from the kids for a bit, you’ll be able to come back recharged and ready to play, teach and love – you can tell your kids all about what you got up to. Life is all about balance, and it’s important that parents can achieve this, because happier parents make happier kids.

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