What to do when you find out your teenager vapes

What to do when you find out your teenager vapes

Parents and guardians understand that there are a thousand things to worry about when their wards are in their teenage years. The teenage years are known for a lot of experimenting as teenagers try to discover themselves during this period. Getting used to the changes their body is going through somewhat inspires this experimenting, and vaping is one of those things teenagers experiment with, especially as it is currently a trend. Teenagers and young adults are the groups of persons known to engage in vaping more. Research has shown that about 15% of high school teenagers vape and use 7 Daze or similar options (perhaps available at online or land-based dispensaries) for the best disposable vape. The numbers are an estimate; it could be even higher, not lower.

Similarly, there are some teenagers who try dealing with intense feelings of stress and anxiety by buying cbd vapes from brands such as DIY e-Liquids, as these vapes tend to produce some calming effects. Similarly, some brands also allow them to create their own e-liquid for vaping, allowing them to customize their vaping experience to be more enjoyable. Another reason why vaping is gaining popularity is perhaps because of its convenience. Vapes are portable and discreet, making it easy for teenagers to get a nicotine or CBD hit throughout the day, whether at home or on the go.

When one finds out that their teenage ward is vaping, there is a tendency to feel overwhelmed and react the wrong way. There is thus a need to discuss the proper way of handling a situation where a teenager vapes. View here and below for proper ways to deal with the situation.

Discuss the subject with them

Although there is the tendency to flip when one finds that they have a teenager that vapes, going the logical route is always better. It is known that teenagers are prone to rebelling, a major reason why the logical route is the best route.

Discuss the vaping subject with the teenager neutrally without giving your opinion. The parent may start off with sharing what you found out from their research about vaping without exactly sharing their opinion. While discussing the subject with them, it is also important to acknowledge that the information may not exactly change them even though they may become better educated on the subject. People know the right things to do all the time but still do the wrong things.

Discuss why they vape

Teenagers do things for different reasons. Sometimes it may because their friends are doing it. Other times it may be because they think it is cool. Finding out why they smoke e-cigarettes is a great way to continue a conversation on the subject.

Asking why they vape will help one connect with the teenager better as they discuss the topic. That way the parent will be able to understand things better from the teenager’s perspective while sharing their concerns.

Otherwise, the teenager may just feel like the parent is simply giving out a bunch of dos and don’ts they will most likely not follow.

Share your concerns

A discussion that starts from discussing the vaping subject and proceeds with the teenager sharing while they like to vape should head in the direction where the parent or guardian shares their concerns about vaping.

The parent will then be able to share their concerns from the now you are having so much fun with this right now, but it may not be the right decision for you” point. The concern could be the fact that enough research has not been conducted to tell specifically if vaping is harmful or the fact that some e-liquids contain nicotine which could be addictive, especially for younger persons.

When discussing vaping with a teenager who already vapes, it is important to be logical, find out the reason why they vape and then offer advice without exercising a lot of authority as highlighted above.