Why one should care about having a pleasing smile

Why one should care about having a pleasing smile

An interesting trend has developed in the UK – the priority of aesthetics-focused treatments in improving physical appearance has increased. Statistics from a UK survey show that more than 40 per cent (43 per cent) of participants admit to wanting straighter teeth with Invisalign Welwyn and other cosmetic dental treatments including teeth whitening and dental caps. One may well ask – why the intense focus on looking good?

Wanting an attractive physical appearance does not only have superficial motives as there are the benefits to self-confidence which opens up a myriad of rewards for an individual.

Fundamental rewards of a healthy, pleasing smile

Many invest in teeth straightening treatments to make more of life’s opportunities. This plays out in a number of ways.

Boost in confidence

It is a very simple fact to understand – to succeed, one needs a good dose of confidence for without it, succeeding in one’s career or social life is an uphill struggle. Confidence may come from within, but success also requires others to deem one capable and confident, two attributes that are usually bestowed on an individual with a good-looking smile by the perceptions of others. In addition to this, they are deemed intelligent, a leader, approachable and trustworthy.

Humans are hard-wired to respond positively to an attractive, aligned smile. It could be a reason why those who smile more are found to have more healthy social relationships than those who hide their smiles.

Improved dental and physical health

What does straightening teeth have to do with maintaining physical health? It starts with good oral health. Poor dental health paves the way for bad bacteria present in the mouth to find their way into the inner recesses of the body and reach vital vulnerable organs such as the heart where they can trigger heart attacks. Maintaining optimal dental health makes it less likely for a person to suffer from serious consequences to their health.

Looking after dental health (which is made easier when teeth are in perfect alignment) also means that a patient can enjoy the use of their teeth for life to bite and chew and speak without any impediments.

Make oneself and others happy

It is well-known that the very act of smiling triggers an inner process that boosts happiness from within. This process also has a similar effect in our interactions with others, which is what created the view that smiling is contagious.

An anti-ageing effect

It is not immediately apparent, but smiling does indeed make one look younger than one’s chronological age. Unlike a frowning expression that prompts one to look older, a smiling face is considered to make one look younger than one actually is.

A most effective way to obtain an aligned smile is through appropriate orthodontic treatment. The General Dental Council (GDC) warns against opting for DIY orthodontics through direct-to-consumer instruments. It is in the interest of the patient to have a registered professional dentist to carry out a proper face-to-face oral assessment and prescribe a suitable treatment plan. Direct-to-consumer instruments are considered by dental authority bodies unsafe and can cause irreparable damage to teeth.

For more information on safe and effective teeth straightening treatments, contact your dental practitioner.