Why Use a Purpose-Built Shower Bench?

Why Use a Purpose-Built Shower Bench?

As you develop mobility problems or simply grow older, it’s common to find standing in the shower more uncomfortable – you also become more at risk of slips and falls. As such, most people start to use some kind of bench so they can sit down in the shower while they wash themselves.

That’s a great idea, but you need to make sure you use a proper purpose-built shower bench instead of any old stool or plastic seat. Here are just a few reasons why a purpose-built shower bench is necessary.

Greater Safety

First and foremost, purpose-built shower benches are extremely safe. They will have special non-slip feet to make sure they remain steady as you move around, and the seat itself will be slightly textured to ensure users cannot slip off. Since a purpose-built shower bench is unlikely to suffer any damage thanks to frequent wetting, it should stand up for a long time to come.

Improved Comfort

Shower benches are made to be comfortable as well as safe. One of the first things you’ll notice is that most have plenty of hand-holds to help you lower yourself into the seat and push yourself back up to standing. The height of the seat should be easily adjustable to ensure you don’t have to sit down too far or perch up too high, and the seat itself will be designed to remain comfortable.

More Hygienic

You might not think hygiene is something to worry about – after all, whatever you use as a shower bench is going to get washed off whenever you shower, right? Well, that’s true, but moisture can lead to mould in seats and benches that aren’t meant for use in the shower, and the products you use to wash yourself can gradually discolour the material. A purpose-built shower bench will be made entirely from water-resistant materials, and the bench seat should unclip easily for convenient cleaning.

Less Damaging

Finally, a purpose-built shower bench is far less likely to damage your bathroom. Seats and benches not made for the shower can have hard edges and sharp feet, so scratches and bumps are more common.

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