Your bifold door FAQs answered

Your bifold door FAQs answered

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Thinking of bringing bifold doors into your home? Here is everything you need to know

Bifold doors can be a great feature to introduce into any home. However, deciding to invest in bifold doors is a big decision, so no doubt you will have some questions before you actually commit to purchasing. Luckily for you, we have put together this handy guide to bifold doors, featuring answers to all the frequently asked questions regarding these fantastic home additions.

So if you have a question about bifold doors, read on to find your answer.

Are bifold doors secure?

One of the main concerns for people regarding bifold doors is whether or not they are secure, due to their sleek design. However, the answer is yes. Bifold doors can be very secure. The glass that is used in bifold doors made by reputable manufacturers is toughened safety glass, making it extremely sturdy and very hard to break. What’s more, bifold doors are also fitted with a multi-point locking system, meaning it is extremely difficult to break into a home via a bifold door.

Are bifold doors thermally efficient?

As well as being safe, bifold doors are also very thermally efficient. This may come as a surprise, as many people assume that a door with such a large pane and thin profile will let out a lot of heat. This isn’t the case.

Aluminium bifold door options usually include a thermal break which stops the material from passing heat straight through. The glazed units are also filled with argon to improve thermal efficiency. This means that bifold doors can keep your house warm all year round — allowing the sun to heat up your home in summer and keeping the central heating inside in winter.

What is the best material for bifold doors?

This answer largely depends on what you are looking for. Each material, from timber to UPVC to aluminium, possesses benefits. However, aluminium is generally recommended as it is the strongest option and is able to support glazing even in thinner frames. It can also be exposed to direct sunlight without damage.

Do you need planning permission for bifold doors?

Not usually. If you are replacing an existing door, you don’t need planning permission to add bifold doors. If you live in a conservation area or are planning to build an extension, you may need to get further information from your local council before going ahead.

Do bifold doors add value to a property?

Bifold doors can be a valuable asset in any home. Not only do they help bring natural light into your home and open up space, they can also grant easy access to an outdoor area which is another desirable feature for many buyers.

Are bifold doors easy to clean?

Yes, bifold doors are very low maintenance. Cleaning bifold doors is as easy as cleaning your windows. Cleaning them regularly will help extend the lifespan of your bifold door. A dash of oil every now and then can also help ensure your doors last longer.

What is the benefit of bifold doors?

Lastly, you might be wondering what the real benefits of bifold doors are. Well, there are plenty to choose from. Bifold doors are low maintenance and practical making it easier for people to move form one space to another. They also have an attractive slim profile, which not only fits with a sophisticated modern design but also allows maximum visibility without compromising strength and fitting easily into even the smallest room. Bifold doors are also safe, secure and can be beneficial in all kinds of weather.

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